The Role of Branding in Website Design

If you are having a website designed, it is important to choose a designer that knows something about branding. Without a strong brand, you simply will not stand out from the dozens of other firms that offer a similar service or products as the ones you offer.

The best website design is one that reinforces and builds upon your brand. You need a designer that knows how to upgrade your logo, strapline, fonts and company colours to look good online.

Be Unique

The last thing you need is a cookie cutter site that looks just like everyone else’s. Your site needs to stand out and be memorable not merge into the background.

Be bold but not glaring

However, you do not want your site to be too loud and glaring. You need a designer who knows how to capture the attention of visitors without putting them off with a site that is too glaring.

Catch their eye

Studies have shown that people click away from sites in as little as five seconds. This means that you have to get the attention of visitors quickly and encourage them to stay and find out more.

Get your message across

These days people skim everything, so you need to make sure that your website designer knows how to engage your visitors and get your message across quickly. You need to provide bite size information on the front pages of the site with more detail, for those who need it, deeper in the site.

Engage visitors to your site

Once you have a visitor on your site you need to engage them and if possible try to get them to leave their email address with you. You need to choose a designer that knows how to include social media on your site and a way to capture contact details, so you can try selling to them later.

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