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List of Essential Security Measures for WordPress Website in 2018

WordPress powers a quarter of all websites worldwide and this is what makes it an irresistible target for hackers. According to Wordfence.com, around 35 million brute force attacks were blocked on WordPress daily in July 17. Not only this, the number is on an uptick. Needless to say, this necessitates that you take security measures…


How to Check If Your WordPress System Is Secured Against XSS Attacks

The modern web development process brings along a host of opportunities as well as challenges. While providing new opportunities for modern web browsers is an advantage, things like cross-site scripting prove to be the problem that reports web vulnerability and a threat to online surfers. As a WordPress developer, if you miss out the in’s…

Blog Security

Steps to Take to Protect Your Blog

Steps to Take to Protect Your Blog2 Your blog is a combination of your passion and your livelihood, and through the quality of your content, that shines through to your readers above all else. You put work and effort into it, and you hope that it will continue to grow its readership and put you…

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