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right database solution

Choosing the Right Database Solution for Python Applications

Digital transformation has enabled practically any corporate organization to create information at every touchpoint, from a tiny startup to a major multinational, regardless of size. Let’s look at the relevance of the database before considering the finest Python database solutions. No matter what kind of organization, a database must organize and store its essential data….

100 Australian Tech Companies to Watch in 2018

It’s that time of year, where we start to think about what’s to come in 2018. It’s been a wild year for the Australian Tech scene, from the new startups growing like crazy (hello Hyper Anna) to the more established startups going great guns (we see you Airtasker) all the way through to the big…


Strange Twist of Events

Technology: Education as we all will agree is not complete without a student acquiring knowledge and technologically updating oneself on the go. The discipline of information technology or computers as it is called generally, has been and is developing at a pace we are surely struggling to keep up with. The applications on the smart…

Get the Best Security at Reasonable Prices!- New Technology

Significance of Home Security Systems Homes constitute significant status in all our lives. It is essentially the abode of relaxation along with being a place that all looks for after a tiring and hectic day. Homes are built by accumulating each cent of one’s hard work and labour. Hence, when homes have so much significance,…

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