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Skills Required by a WordPress Developer

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WordPress DeveloperIf it is said that WordPress rules the web then there is nothing wrong. WordPress enjoys around 61.8% of the total market share that is much more than the combination of another system like Joomla and Drupal. To build a marvellous WordPress website, you should have WordPress developer skills.

The biggest advantage of WordPress is that you can easily make changes or edit the content without having any technical knowledge. But, the growing competition job of every individual is a bit intimidating. The reach of WordPress has been extended up to various eCommerce solutions, website analytics solutions, and ERP solutions through the customized plug-ins and WordPress themes.

However, if you are not able to handle then you should hire a WordPress developer from WordPress Development Services provider to get most out of the platform. Moreover, these developers will also help you to learn top skills to meet the requirements for the WordPress users.

Process of WordPress Website Development

WordPress Developer2If you are thinking to build the WordPress website and don’t have any knowledge related to coding insights or technical skills then follow these steps:

  • Think about the theme of the website.
  • Select an impressive and cool name.
  • Choose the perfect theme from the WordPress store.
  • Form sub-pages for a website.
  • Now, add quality content.

You should not be amazed by the fact that if you are making any WordPress website that comprises of basic functionality then it will be ready in just 20 minutes.

The most problematic part lies in making the website user-friendly, feature-rich, and competitive. In all these features, you have to look for the back end development for the WordPress plug-ins and functionality. The WordPress system will include various steps like loading of a theme, database integration, and plug-in integration.

In this article, you will get to know about the WordPress development skills that will help you to build the website.

Skills Required to Become Master

WordPress Developer SkillsWith the growth of WordPress, certain opportunities have been offered to thousands of people. If you have discovered the WordPress presently and want to rank high and build a career then you should check upon the skills mentioned below.

1. Technical Competence

 A developer should know the art to select the favourite acronym like MySQL, CSS, JS, and PHP. The language you select will depend on the things that you are doing. To build the foundation of your WordPress, you should be a master in technical skills. Make sure to have proper knowledge in your stuff and don’t stop as the technology changes every minute so you need to groom your skills accordingly.

2. Growing Mindset

Stagnation is never an option for web developers. The area you are operating in is continuously and frequently changes. Every day, you will get to learn new things in this field. Designing, security, and technology evolve on a regular basis. So, you need to keep yourself updated.

The best for the WordPress developer to become the eternal student as every day you have to learn new things with the technological advancements. You need to be aware of the future development and status quo. Be eager to learn new skills to make your future bright.

3. Self Motivation and Focus 

When you are working with WordPress, you need to push your abilities. From designing to eCommerce, plug-ins to themes WordPress will offer you a range of field and you will require specialized knowledge for it.

For a web developer, it is important to possess all the skills from different areas. You must have the ability to focus so that you can be creative with your work. Self-motivation and focus are very crucial in this profession.

Besides this, the open-source nature of WordPress has opened up various opportunities for entrepreneurs and freelancers. You don’t have to job for nine to five as you can work according to your comfort. You don’t have to take orders or held accountable to answer anyone.

4. Smart Planning Skills

WordPress is an open-source platform that attracts lots of creative people. When you are working with the consumers, you have to complete the work before the deadline so proper planning skills are a must. Furthermore, if you are passionate and enthusiastic about your work but you lack planning then it is a bit serious complication.

You should break down your work into different sections. Outline your goals properly and then plan your task. You should set up your priorities and plan to fulfil your task according to the deadline.

5. Basic Marketing

For doing creative work, marketing is a negative connotation. Marketing is the ability to present oneself differently to stand out from the competition. When you are working with the clients and want to sell them themes or plug-ins then you should have basic knowledge about the marketing to sell your product.

A web developer having good marketing skills is going to perform excellently and earn good profits.

6. Customer Service

As we are talking about effective communication, customer service is as important as marketing skills. With customer service, you can break or make your success. There are some of the people who are stuck with the plug-in issue or theme problem but they don’t get proper answers for their problem. So, a developer forum is formed that can respond to their solutions.

You should communicate with the consumers so that you can answer their questions, present your ideas, and have a refund for their policies to provide them with a good consumer experience. If your clients feel that they are in good hands then they will more likely come back to avail the services.

7.  Receiving Feedbacks and Testing

According to the legends like albeit and Steve Jobs don’t believe in consumer research but take the opinion of the consumer about their product. Allegedly, they would ask them what their thoughts about the specific product are. This will give them insight and feedback about the product. Testing is very important before shipping; this is the most important skill that a developer must-have.

If you are thinking to write code then you should make sure that it access properly on all the operating systems and web browsers. Ask other people to review your product and get the feedback to avoid any further problems.

Along with it, be ready to face negative comments. People always take their egos in between but it is seldom helpful.

8. Delegation

As a creative, everyone wants to handle the whole process on their own and people do have a belief that if you want the things to go in the right direction than do it yourself. Furthermore, as a web developer, you have to do a lot of tasks rather than just doing designing and coding. You also have to present yourself as an executive assistant, function as a marketing man, keep the tracks on expenses and revenues, and do a lot of other work in a single day.

So, a person can’t do all the tasks on their own. At this point, there is a need to delegate responsibilities to other people. Spend time on the things that are important rather than thinking of the task that is not much valuable. However, you have to lead all the team and have proper knowledge about what activities are going on.

9. Know When to Move on

A project that is not giving you the fruitful results is like sour relationships which are beyond reconciliation. So, it is better to move on. You must not invest your valuable time on the dead project. As a web developer, you should know the right time to move one. Put all the resources and efforts on more promising things. This is one of the most crucial skills for the web developer.

10.  Love What You Do

You must do things or work that makes you happy. Don’t invest your time in the work that is not interesting for you as you are not going to gain anything out of it. The world always can’t be about colourful things, there are times when your job is not fun but you should be enthusiastic and motivated to complete the work before the deadline.


Technology rapidly evolves and according to technological advancement, a web developer needs to learn new things. As a web developer, you should be keen to learn new things and stay updated with the latest information. The Internet is free and you can easily get the tutorials and learn the new techniques. With the thriving WordPress community, you can solve all your queries.

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Pooja SharmaName: Pooja Sharma
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Myself Pooja Sharma and I serve as an Seo executive at leading WordPress Development Company TechnoSoftwares, there I handle all works related to SEO, SMO, Email marketing, etc.

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