Panda Antivirus Review

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In this review, we’ll look at how much does Panda Dome is reliable, its Pros and Cons. And also about the features and the price.

Nowadays more than 60% of work is done online and as a result, a lot of cybercrime is happening daily. So in order to protect our system, Panda Antivirus is one of the best software that is known for its high-security features.

What is cybercrime and how to handle it?

Cybercrime is defined as a criminal activity that involves a computer and a network. Offenses done with an intention to harm individuals or organization by hacking, phishing, and spamming is known as cybercrime.

There is a saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ by using full-service internet security, antivirus and keeping up to date software with a strong password you can stay safe from cybercrime.

Since 1990 Panda antivirus is protecting its user’s device and is one of the spearheads of the industry. After the current revamping, the latest version is known as Panda Dome and comes with the new attractive interface. This antivirus is compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac.

Price and Features of Panda Dome

There are four different plans of Panda Dome which you can buy according to your need or purpose. Each plan contains different features and prices. The different plans are- Essential, Advanced, Complete, and Premium.

Essential: The price of Essential plan starts at just $35.39/year and the features include-

  • Antivirus protection with Firewall– For Windows devices 100% virus detection rate.
  • Mac and Android devices real-time antivirus protection.
  • Free VPN – Limited 150MB/day.
  • Protects the WiFi network from hackers and prying neighbors.
  • Scans external/USB devices and keeps them safe from any kind of threat.

Advance:  Advance plan can cost you $39.04/year. You can buy this plan and make online shopping or banking keeping your identity and family safe. This plan includes-

  • All the above features of the Essential plan.
  • Parental Control- with the help of parental control you can manage your child internet use and App access.
  • Identity protection for online security while browsing, shopping and
  • Ransomware cyberattacks and advanced threats protection.

Complete: with complete plan block any threats, ransomware attacks and secure your data. The plan starts at just $53.49/year and the feature includes. But you can make it more cheaper by using Panda Antivirus Coupon & discount code-

  • All the features of the Essential & Advance plan.
  • Data Shield – Encrypt your confidential data.
  • Password Manager- with a single click you can secure and manage all your passwords.
  • Cleanup Tool- with this feature you can speed up and improve your device performance.

Premium: Fully protects your privacy and devices from all threats with Premium VPN included. And the price is $75.15/year. Feature includes-

  • Premium Unlimited VPN- Anonymous browsing from many virtual locations worldwide.
  • Technical Support– Unlimited premium 24/7 technical support.
  • Includes all the features from Essential, Advanced and Complete.


  • Without paying extra money we get all are updated features
  • Small download file
  • Lightweight and unobtrusive, so it can be installed on almost any computer.
  • Full security suite


  • Limited traffic for VPNs
  • Installation is a little slow
  • Plan-based support service. The higher the plan, the better the support service you receive.

Panda Dome Antivirus Final Verdict

Panda Dome is reliable and worth reviewing so that interested one can have benefits of this software. This antivirus software is for those who are really concern about looking at their devices to protect. The price is affordable and the software is value for money. Among the four different plans, you can go with anyone as you feel to be needed.  You have an option of 30-days trial which is good enough to test the antivirus before subscription. Hence, if you are searching for reliable antivirus, Panda Dome should be your first choice.

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