With Knowledge of WordPress, You Can Design a Responsive & Professional Website and Smile to Your Bank...I am Ready to Show You Step By Step - Video Tutorials.

Below Are Exactly What You Are About to Learn:

Video 01: What is WordPress
Video 02: WordPress.org VS WordPress.com
Video 03: Logging into WordPress
Video 04: The WordPress Dashboard
Video 05: The WordPress Admin Toolbar
Video 06: Settings
Video 07: Pages and Posts in WordPress
Video 08: Writing a Post in WordPress
Video 09: Inserting Pictures into a Post in WordPress
Video 10: The Media Libray
Video 11: Formatting Your Posts in WordPress
Video 12: How to Schedule Your Posts
Video 13: Categories and Tags
Video 14: Pages in WordPress
Video 15: Pages in WordPress
Video 16: Page Templates
Video 17: WordPress Plugins
Video 18: Installing Plugins in WordPress
Video 19: WordPress Themes
Video 20: Customizing Appearance
Video 21: Installing WordPress Themes
Video 22: Making a Custom Menu
Video 23: Comments in Your WordPress Site
Video 24: Users in Your WordPress Site