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How has PHP been influencing the choice of enterprise software and website development among businesses?

Businesses need a website solution that is cheap, effective and nifty. PHP fulfills all the basic website development requirements of businesses, social networking sites, social media channels, business portfolio sites and regular websites. In addition to a powerful scripting language, businesses also require smart software solutions for a quick turnaround. This is where everything becomes a bit murky. There are several “foolproof” enterprise software solutions that businesses have turned to for years, but rarely any of them provide the certainty, security, and cost-effectiveness these businesses initially expected. These enterprise software solutions can be consumer relationship management (CRM) tools, content management systems (CMSs) or enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems.

What is an enterprise software?

The enterprise solutions should ideally have a few traits in common. They should be –

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Independent
  • Scalable
  • Flexible

These are the basic requirements for any successful enterprise software solution that addresses several businesses at the same time. For example – a hospitality business and a healthcare system should ideally be able to utilize the same CMS engine or the same CRM tool by simply modifying a few defining functions. However, almost all the ready-to-use enterprise software programs rarely ever meet these requisites, and they end up being highly specific for one particular industry.

PHP and enterprise software solution: what’s the relationship?

Since the dawn of PHP 5.0, some leading business platforms, social networking sites, and even CMS engines have been using it. Leading names including Facebook, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Vimeo have been relying on PHP in their backend to meet their daily functional needs. You may think of PHP as a scripting language for smaller businesses, but it has immense potential that these companies have realized over time. Facebook developers have scaled up PHP and modified it to such a degree that they have created their programming language for the secure platform based on the functional language.

What should your choice of programming language be like?

A programming language is not just another tool that can help you build websites. It is a dynamic solution to your software needs and system architecture. PHP can provide a robust architecture that has the following characters –

  1. The latest versions of PHP offer high development speed.
  2. It is very flexible, and it offers smooth business platform growth along with a fast turnaround.
  • It is an open source language with its community support. The PHP developer community connects all the pro developers and amateurs from around the globe.
  1. It is also free, and it offers a plethora of popular free frameworks for the development process.

Why is PHP one of the leading languages of modern times?

Since PHP is open source, flexible and highly functional, the average PHP development team knows CSS3, HTML5, MongoDB, JS, MySQL and the ubiquitous JS frameworks. We are not saying that all teams of PHP developers have to know these web technologies, but almost all of them have a basic understanding of these technologies relevant to the website development and webs software development process. As per the annual survey from StackOverflow, all full-stack developers who participated in the survey knew between 4 and five programming languages. The leading of the lot was JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. PHP has had an immense impact on the development of website solutions and business software solutions in the recent years, especially after the release of PHP 5.0 and also is loved my many firms including “Website Design Agency Kent”.

Is PHP truly ruling the internet?

The three leading CMS engines of the era are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, in order. This lineup is likely to stick around for a while. WordPress powers over 28% of the internet and Joomla power 2%. Thus, one can comfortably state that PHP is relevant to at least 30% of all website development and enterprise software maintenance processes around the world. Although you can argue that WordPress or its successors do not have what it takes to power all the e-commerce sites, they do provide ready-to-use and cost-effective solutions to all e-commerce website developers.

How are PHP frameworks influencing the development process?

New PHP application development now facilitates the inclusion of architectural concepts including aspect-oriented programming (AOP), inversion of control (IoC), dependency injection (DI), SOLID, transaction management and caching. Now, the ready availability of PHP frameworks like Zend, Yii2+, Laravel, Sympfony2+, CakePHP, and Phalcon makes the incorporation of architectural concepts much easier than before. This provides better e-commerce software solutions than a lot of “time-tested” and costly business enterprise solutions. Since 2016, these frameworks and PHP have been gaining steady popularity in the domain of development of business software solutions.

Frameworks help in the application of structure to any code. They are very useful in creating repositories and annotations for businesses. The present PHP frameworks compel codes to write clean, maintainable and good codes. They also speed up the unit testing process, secure database connections and help in encrypting the requests from servers to the databases. With the constant support from PHP communities and framework, users provide the solutions to all problems developers can ever face using this scripting language. The continuous long-term technical support is possibly the most desirable trait of any coding language and framework. Developing websites, web-based applications and enterprise software solutions have been made incredibly easy by the presence of an easy to learn and easy to use a scripting language like PHP.

In the end

Every proficient development team should know to question standards of coding languages from time to time, and this includes the PHP developers. In fact, the ideal team should always put solutions first and languages second on their list of web tech priorities. There are several platforms like Java and .NET for the development of software solution for enterprises, but a huge portion of their popularity comes from the popularity of Oracle and Microsoft. The use of PHP helps in cost-cutting and stabilizing the new architectural structures more easily. The final choice of a language, platform or framework should always depend on their necessities.

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