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Climb up the Google Ranking Ladder in 2018 – Current SEO Tips

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SEO trends, tips and techniques keep evolving with the changing algorithms of Google. As the competition rises, Google’s criterion to rank one listing over another reduces. So, how to keep up with the ever-evolving ranking criteria in 2018?

Well, here’s the ultimate solution. We have compiled the latest and most effective SEO tips shared by Melbourne’s top SEO experts to help your business climb up the Google ranking ladder in 2018!

If you’re a non- SEO, it might be very difficult for you to understand and master the process of ranking a webpage higher. As it is, even for someone who has a good handle on the trends and techniques of this increasingly complicated SEO field, the ever-evolving, wide variety of detailed subjects can be overwhelming. So here’s a checklist of significant items to keep under check in 2018 in order to become Google’s favorite.  

Top Current SEO Tips

Keep the URLs Highly Accessible and Crawl-able

This is where it all begins. Without crawl-able and accessible URLs and content, none of your cutting-edge SEO efficiencies will even matter. You are required to invite the Googlebot’s spiders to come to your webpage and clearly understand ever element on the page, including every bit of the content (which should be in a readable text format), the images, videos, visuals, and embeds etc. Everything on the webpage you’re trying to rank should be presented in a manner that crawlers are able to put into their web index. It’s crucial!

Strengthen your Keyword Research

Keywords are basically how your prospective customers look for your business. The words and phrases they use are highly beneficial for connecting with the customers that mean nothing less than business. So how do you get to them? Well, step into their shoes in 2018 and think like a buyer. Try to land into their problems and then offer to solve them. Mostly, these are the problems that your business is working to solve. Let your content convince them that you have the right solution. Make it powerful and impactful.

You need to hit straight to the searcher’s intent with a primary keyword and a set of secondary keywords and then target them in your optimization efforts. Make sure your business caters to their primary query and with appealing content, propose to solve it.

Find out what’s Relevant to the Searcher

You need to have an on-point SERP investigation strategy. Step into the buyer’s shoes and perform searches on Google. Analyze how it reverts to your queries and understand Google’s view of relevance. What is relevant to Google for a particular keyword? What’s the best content according to Google and why? Then, figure out how you can create a similar or better content strategy to beat the one at the top. You content should fully resolve the searcher’s query as only that can bring you to the top and get you more conversions. Also, look for scope for betterment. SEO specialists in Melbourne suggest that you look for innovation in your field. Something that nobody has catered to completely, and people still want answer to, can be your chance to shoot to the top. Understanding the searcher’s intent will help you take top ranking positions, swiftly.

Add Lots of Images to Your Content

In order to rank higher, you’ll have to increase your user engagement. Image-friendly content is a huge step towards building good engagement in 2018 because 43% people admit to skim through the blogs instead of reading the whole thing. So adding a lot of pictures to your content will help them make the most out of your posts even if they choose to skim through. This will increase followership and engagement, thus improving your rankings.

Use of right images is crucial for content providers, especially. Adding a lot of photos and graphs throughout the content makes it more attractive, understandable and informative. Plus, it’s a great way of categorizing content into different sections.

Including high-quality, professionally-clicked images of products and step by step infographic guides of how to use them will also boost sales for online businesses. As images present ideas much better than words can, it is a great way to build engagement if your products and/or services are exceptionally unique or innovative.

Including images to your content is an easy yet highly efficient way of increasing engagement. Remember, people just like watching pretty pictures more than reading between the lines.

YouTube SEO is an All-Star for 2018 and Beyond

The results that pop up on Google after you search for a keyword return at least one video suggestion. In fact, 55% of searches show video results, out of which 83% videos are from Youtube.  

Surprisingly, the second best search engine after Google is YouTube. With over 3 billion searches every month, it generates more searches than Bing and Yahoo combined. So if you’ve been underestimating what Youtube does for businesses, it’s time you shift your focus to YouTube SEO. It is definitely a great medium to get your website on Google’s first page rankings. The result could be as massive as twice the traffic on same content.

YouTube SEO is truly an All-Star for 2018 and a key trend to follow!

Including crawl-able URLs, having a strong keyword strategy and understanding the searcher’s intent is the key to becoming Google’s favorite this year. If you wish to rank higher, maximize your research efforts and add your touch of innovation to what’s already on top. We hope this post motivates you and pushes you up the Google ranking ladder.

If you feel this is too much for you to handle, consult a team of SEO experts. You can also get a free online SEO analysis for your business. Try today!

Author Bio:

Stephen Cooper is a young, energetic and innovative digital marketing expert. He is proficient at Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads. He has also contributed to various blogs where he shares his top tips & tricks and latest industry trends that a business must follow in order to conquer the competitive marketplace. He believes in understanding the cause before looking for a solution!  

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