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Choose a better Hosting plan for your Ecommerce Site

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better Hosting plan for your Ecommerce SiteBest website hosting provider? Well, as per personal experience and after many surveys, the vote goes to Bluehost. When it comes to web hosting, the things which has to be taken care of is whether it is fast, secure, reliable and gives the best customer support or not. The services come in all different forms. If started, you will be tired of counting the endless types- dedicated hosting, Shared hosting, managed hosting, VPS, server cores, CDNs, different RAM, SSL certificates and many more.

After going through many surveys and experiencing hundreds of websites over many years, using all hosting options and further narrowing it down, we came out with the best of all among all web hosting providers.

Top 3 of the Best Web Hosting Providers are

It is the best web hosting for those who haven’t experienced any web hosting yet i.e. the beginners. Bluehost is the most likeable web hosting site by all and the best choices you could get. This has been out there for you since long with the excellent hosting service at marvellous rates and even the majority customers go for it over all. No worries of getting stuck anywhere, you will be getting 24/7 support either via phone or live chat. There won’t be many steps to get your issues resolved plus they will also list their support number or options of live chat highlighted on their website where you can jump to in just 2 steps.  Not just the service, they also offer the remarkable analytics and SEO tools for optimising your sites performance and thereby increasing the customers on your landing page.

Also, they provide the best SEO service which will attain and analyse your website ranking with specific keywords. This will click you up with an idea about optimizing your site for the topmost search rankings. Their hosting will give you the backbone to help you grow in the direction of your business growth.

If you are starting with the standard shared hosting plan then also you can install WordPress. Which is possible as they have an easy 1-click  which can ease the installation process. After that, with the growing site you can upgrade for further managing WordPress hosting and fasten up your site with improved security. You can also upgrade to VPS if you want to. In short, Bluehost covers everything that you could possibly think of from hosting point of view.

Once you start working on it, you won’t be getting a second thought of switching onto other.

 Looking for something that affords your budget? This web hosting site is the cheapest you can get. Their lowest plan starts with less than a dollar. These price can go up with upgrading things but can be locked in case you take longer subscriptions. The best they offer is the four years of hosting for $0.99 per month if you pay for these four years beforehand. And, that can be an amazing deal to go for.

This is the promotional pricing but if in case this pricing ends then also , the pricing is still quite low. It has its single plan as one of the lowest rate if compared overall which is $2.15 per month. Although it’s cheap but that doesn’t means that it will reflect poor quality.

Whether its about the marketing or the UI management for your site, you will not feel it less than a premium. Customer support, speed of the site and the uptime all are pretty upstanding.

Their uptime guarantee is 99.9% and also provides 24/7 support whenever in need of help. They may not be as good as other hosts but nothing can beat their value per dollar.

This one is special as it comes with two things- a rabid fan base and the most highlighted reviews. No customer service is better than this one.

They have an outstanding reputation. Like, Bluehost, SiteGround is also one of most recommended WordPress’s web hosts. It’s WordPress hosting is built on all of its shared hosting plans, so just sit back and chillax, you will be getting the updates automatically with streamlined security and professional tech support.

Apart from their shared web hosting feature, SiteGround server is super-fast and more than secured and are constantly deploying latest updates for keeping the way they are.

They have various tools like staging server and Git repo creation that is much favourable for the developers. This can be typical for many small business and personal websites but for those who are demanding complex over basics, then SiteGround is the best to choose.

With so many pros there comes the con too, that if you once move through SiteGround’s welcome pricing, your plan’s price will be triple.

This was the reason behind the one-star reviews on TrustPilot. Make your move carefully while taking pricing under consideration and make sure that your hosting plan will last a lotlonger than the promotional period.

The trial period of SiteGround is the shortest as compared to other shared hosting, which is of 30 days only. You need not to count it as a negative point though as 1 month can be enough to evaluate any host easily. But yes, it has cloud hosting services with dedicated servers

If you get any thoughts of upgrading your business to some real hosting boost up after you start generating lots of traffic then SiteGround is a best option that will make upgrades smooth later.

Any doubt? Just chat it out, email them or make a call to them, their customer support is available 24×7 with rich tech knowledge and also in an organised manner.

The most clear uptime with 99.9% of guaranteed annual uptime (or a month of free hosting).

The best option that anyone can opt for businesses growth is SiteGround. There is an ocean of upgrades to back support you the whole way.

At the end, all that is to be said is that select the best of your choice among the best we could provide.

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