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Android vs IOS

Android vs. iOS – Which Platform Suits Business Professionals The Most?

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Android-vs-IOSTwo of the most common mobile operating systems in mobile technology are iOS and Android. Smartphones are totally ingrained in today’s society. These two biggest players in the smartphone market, Android by Google and iOS by Apple, have their own merits and demerits.

For mobile users, their choice of operating system depends on what they used first since that is what they become most comfortable with.

For most people, even the thought of learning a new system is not welcome since it is time-consuming. There is also another category of individuals, and their preference of operating system is dedicated to functionality.

If they feel it will serve them better, these people will go all out to learn a new system. So, what is the best smartphone for business? It is a bit complicated to answer. We examine cost, security, value and a number of other elements to reveal the best phone for business users.

Business smartphones are supposed to be equipped with high-quality builds, sharp display and of course long battery life. But you see, there’s a lot more to a smartphone than its hardware. Software that it runs on ultimately makes a phone great for business. So before we say which system suits businesses best, let us first compare the two.

  1. Security

Safety is always a top concern for business professionals who handle sensitive information such as confidential client data, on their mobile device. When considering security, Apple’s iOS is considered as a highly secure mobile operating system.

Watchful employees at Apple carry out frequent inspections as a regular security measure to ensure that apps are being sent to the Apple Store and not anywhere else.

If somehow, the gadget is stolen, iOS has a GPS tracker to track down the device. Whereas, when we talk about Android, people on this mobile operating system download and install applications from a store other than Google play store. However, you can still secure your files if you stick to apps from trusted sources only. AirG is a leading apps development company which is specialised in communication and security apps. See the company reviews and decide by your own.

  1. Functionality

When it comes to detecting and deleting bugs quickly, iOS functions better than Android since the former is inaccessible by apps. However, when we talk about Android, its apps are installed in the operating system, which is why the whole phone gets affected even when a single app faces any problem. That’s the reason why Android phones need to restart to work properly.

  1. Features and Customization.

Android operating systems make it possible to customise appearance as per your likes. This operating system offers Google Now – a smart personal assistant that can help business professionals stay on track and never miss a call or meeting.

Also Android allows users to alter almost everything including icons and fonts. This operating system works by monitoring your action within the Google ecosystem and pushing necessary alerts to you as they are sensed. iOS, on the other hand, is not too flexible, and professionals have to get accustomed to its default features and appearances.

  1. Cost Factor.

Manufacturers of Android devices understand this fact quite well that; Android is the most common mobile phone operating system.  The cost factor is in the hands of the business professionals because they have the liberty to choose what they want at a price they can afford. It is hard to say the same for iOS which is specific to Apple gadgets. Since Apple products only target specific market segments, so their prices are on a higher side.

  1. The quality of Applications.

Software developers mostly develop apps for both iOS and Android, but it is always iOS that gets it first. This happens because of the simplicity of customising apps in iOS, unlike Android which takes longer.

Having said that, the quality of apps developed for iOS are remarkably high, and this is one area where iOS users have an advantage because the system is very picky with what it allows.

IOS upgrades are generally available on all iOS devices.  But in certain cases, some older devices may not receive all new features in an upgrade, for example, a device that is older than three years or certain features like Siri, though which was available for iPhone 4S users but not for older versions of iPhone.

Google, on the other hand, does not update Android frequently. Even if an upgrade is offered, it usually takes a couple of months after a new version of Android is released.

  1. Phone Selection.

Android has an enormous selection of unique phones to offer that competitors do not. This is considered as a huge plus point for professionals who wish to choose a smartphone loaded with very specific features.

It’s advisable to stick to top-tier brands such as Motorola’s Moto X, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3or LG’s G2.  Currently, Apple is selling two versions of the iPhone: the midrange iPhone 5C, which comes in a variety of colourful cases, the flagship iPhone 6S and 6S plus model which is fastest and feature-packed.

Like many other products, there is a lot to consider when deciding on which operating system is the best pick for a specific consumer.

Both Android and iOS have a lot in common, and each provides a solid platform for business professionals to run the app. Each has one-of-a-kind productivity features. IOS offers a simple yet powerful interface while, Android is highly customizable, also making it a good pick for professionals.


From this discussion, we conclude that both iOS and Apple have their own strengths and weaknesses. However, after thoroughly analysing both operating systems, I would personally choose Apple’s iOS for my business.

It’s next to impossible to top Apple’s app store especially when it comes to app support and availability. People normally prefer a more safe and secure system to one that has many features.

Most of these professionals hardly have time even to think about how their phones are not customised. Hacking into an iOS is out of the question, and this makes business professionals feel that their .information is secure.

Android is best for people who don’t have time issues and can personalise a phone. iOS, on the other hand, is designed for people whose main focus is on getting things done. Based on its functionality, an iOS gadget serves people in business better than Android.

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