A Guide To Manage SEO While Traveling

Over time, the internet has evolved into a worldwide system used in business. Eventually, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) became more relevant as more and more information is being loaded online. For those whose professions are related to SEO, a very vital element of their business is often overlooked when travelling- their website. Their customer acquisition channel has to be addressed with the same care and foresight as everything else in their marketing mix. Below are tips on how to maintain SEO and site success while travelling.

Use Android Apps for SEO

Most travelers usually own Android phones. The good news is that nowadays there are several android apps that are specifically designed to be efficient tools for SEO specialists. These apps not only save a traveler a lot of time, but they also improve the overall results of his/her SEO ventures. They include Google AdSense, SECockpit, Feedly, SEO Automatic, and many others. A website owner can download to his/her mobile device any of the above easy-to-use apps for SEO management before departure.

 Pre-write and Schedule Optimized blog Posts

Blogging is the basis of a strong SEO management and a social media marketing campaign. A website owner should ensure that he/she writes their daily or weekly blog articles in full and in advance before departure. Quality should not be compromised. The blogs should be as frequent, media rich and engaging as the ones written on a regular basis. Once the blogs have been pre-written and saved on the website as the drafts, the owner can utilize the scheduling feature to pre-schedule them in a way that they get released at the appropriate time

Ensure Data Access from Mobile Devices

To use any of the apps mentioned above and ensure the website is running smoothly while travelling, the site owner will want to make sure that he/she can actually get online in an affordable manner. If possible, one can add a wireless package from the hotel room in order to easily access the apps while on-site. It is also advisable to do an extensive online search of the area to find out if there are nearby coffee shops equipped with Wi-Fi. If not, then one needs to look for an international data roaming package in case he/she is travelling across borders. This will enable the site owner keep corporate costs down and keeping tabs on the site’s performance.

Pre-schedule any Social Networking

Before departing, a site owner can schedule in advance all of his/her primary social network posts. Such primary posts should be made up of the normal day-to-day social media communications that the site owner has with current and potential followers. They can include weekly promotions as well as delivery of current content found on the site Caution should be exercised not to post anything that would require a rapid turn-around time to respond on the site owner’s part. For instance, if someone is running a contest on their social network whereby a follower depends on his/her reaction in order to redeem an offer, it can lead to unhappy followers.

A website owner can successfully fill an ESTA application and start travelling. By following the tips above, he/she can pack bags and book trips without having to worry about SEO and content marketing.

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