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7 Ways Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App Development

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Are you ready to bring your game-changing business idea to the world and launch a user-friendly mobile app? Look no further! In today’s technology-driven society, having a strong online presence is more important than ever. With the right platform and development strategy, you can turn your vision into a reality and take the first step toward revolutionizing the tech industry. 

Moreover in order to stay ahead in this competitive arena, it is crucial to choose a cross-platform framework that offers efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a top-notch user experience. That’s where hire flutter app development comes in! By leveraging the power of Flutter you will be able to speed up the development process and cut costs without sacrificing the quality of the end product. 

In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why Flutter is setting the trend in mobile app development and why you should use it for your next project. 

Let’s get started!

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source mobile app development framework developed by Google. It uses the Dart programming language and offers a fast, expressive, and flexible way to build responsive user interfaces for iOS and Android platforms. 

Popularity Stats of Flutter 

  • Flutter has gained significant popularity among developers since its introduction in 2017. According to a survey conducted by StackOverflow in 2021, Flutter was the second most popular framework among developers with 75.4% of respondents. 
  •  Flutter has acquired 150k stars and 24.5k forks on GitHub. 
  • Despite being introduced as a beta version only a year prior, Flutter has rapidly established itself as a major player in the market. As a whole, it has demonstrated its remarkable potential in an incredibly short period of time. 

Overall, the growth of Flutter in both market presence and the introduction of new features has instilled a strong sense of confidence among developers. It is widely believed that the future of cross-platform app development and it is easy to see why. 

Now let’s proceed further in the blog to know more about the benefits of Flutter! 

Reasons Why Flutter Is Setting The Trend In Mobile App Development

1. Single Codebase

Flutter’s “single codebase” feature is a game changer for the app development process. It allows writing the same code for different platforms such as Android and iOS. This means there is no need to write separate code for each operating system which ultimately saves effort, resources, and time.

Overall with this feature, mobile app developers can create a cohesive user experience that feels native to both platforms. 

2. Hot-Reloading Feature

Hot-reloading is a key feature of flutter that makes app development faster and more efficient. With this feature, the changes in the code are instantly reflected in the app without having to restart it or wait for a lengthy recompilation process. 

Additionally, this allows for experimenting with different designs, layouts, and features quickly and efficiently. 

This feature is especially useful for fixing bugs as developers can make changes to the code, test them, and see the results in real time. This saves time compared to having to restart the app every time you make a change, which can be especially frustrating when working on complex projects. 

For instance, let’s imagine a developer is working on a Flutter app and wants to change the color of a button. So with the hot-reloading feature, the developer can make changes in the code and then immediately see the changes reflected in the app. 

As a whole, the hot-reloading feature of Flutter streamlines the development process to a great extent. 

3. Suitable For Building MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

MVP development using Flutter app development services can greatly benefit startups and entrepreneurs looking to secure funding and showcase their business idea. 

By using Flutter, the development process is streamlined as there is no need to build separate applications for Android and iOS. This saves both time and resources enabling developers to focus on creating the core features of the MVP. Also, it offers compatibility with Firebase(backend service) which eliminates the need for separate backends. 

That’s why, with its ease of use and fast performance, Flutter is a great choice for creating MVPS. As it provides businesses with a quick and cost-effective solution for testing their ideas in the market. 

4. Easy Setup & Maintenance

Developing and maintaining a Flutter app is made simple and efficient due to its unique approach to mobile app development. The development process is streamlined with the use of a single codebase. It also improves performance and reduces the effort required to maintain the application. 

As a whole, the simplicity of code used in Flutter programming makes maintenance a breeze. Any issues that arise can be quickly identified and resolved by the development team, without the need for repetitive code review. 

With that being said, Flutter’s ease of use and simple maintenance approach makes it accessible to anyone who wants to develop a mobile application. 

5. Massive Support From Google

Flutter, developed and maintained by tech giant Google, has become a leading framework for mobile app development services. With Google’s unwavering support, Flutter developers can count on frequent updates, problem fixes, and access to cutting-edge development tools. 

Beyond Google’s own efforts, the framework benefits from a thriving ecosystem of third-party support. With this combination of official and community support, it is no wonder that Flutter has become a top choice for app developers worldwide. 

6. Better Use of Widgets

Widgets play a critical role in shaping the user interface of mobile applications. Flutter comes with an extensive widget library. It provides developers with all the tools they need to create a beautiful, responsive, and highly functional user interface that look great on any screen size. 

Furthermore, Flutter’s performance-optimized design ensures that apps built with the framework offer a buttery-smooth user experience with smooth animations and responsive interactions. 

In short, Flutter’s combination of cutting-edge technology and customizable widgets makes it an ideal choice for building high-quality mobile apps that offer an exceptional user experience. 

7. Efficient Code Writing & App Testing

The Flutter application development process is streamlined and highly efficient due to its single codebase approach. This eliminates the need for separate code for different platforms, thus simplifying the development process and reducing the time required. 

Additionally, the testing process is made easier with a simple quality assurance process. That respective procedure is sufficient to verify the functionality, features, and performance of a cross-platform mobile application. 

Popular Companies That Are Using Flutter For App Development

  • Google: As the creator of Flutter, Google has been using the framework for many of its own applications including Google Ads and Google GreenTree. 
  • Alibaba Group: The largest e-commerce company in the world, Alibaba Group has chosen Flutter for the development of its Xianyu app. 
  • Reflectly: It is a popular journaling app that used Flutter app development services for creating beautiful and intuitive user interfaces for its mobile app. 
  • BMW: BMW has used Flutter to develop its in-car entertainment and information system. It provides drives with access to a wide range of features and services. 
  • Tencent: Tencent, one of the largest tech companies in the world has chosen Flutter for the development of its WeChat app. This is a popular messaging platform in China. 
  • Square: This is a popular mobile payment processing company that has chosen Flutter for the development of its Square Point of sale app. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Flutter has quickly established itself as a leader by offering developers a streamlined and powerful platform for building cross-platform applications. With its growing community and continued advancements, the future of mobile app development with Flutter is looking bright and exciting. 

As a whole, Flutter is worth exploring and considering for your next project. 

So, why wait for more? Turn your idea into an impactful, visually-stunning mobile app today with the assistance of a mobile app development company

Author bio– Amara works with the editorial team of DianApps, a leading company offering website development company. Exploring the latest technologies, reading about them, and writing her views have always been her passion. She seeks new opportunities to express her opinions, explore technological advancements, and document the details. You can always find her enjoying books or articles about varied topics or jotting down her ideas in a notebook.

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