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6 Tips To Create Powerful Website Design For Law Firm

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The primary objective of website design for law firms is to create a distinctive identity for the organization it represents. There is intense competition in the legal industry and a distinct image helps in standing out in the crowd. Another important goal of a legal interface is to create a lasting impression on prospective clients. All these objectives necessitate that attorneys opt for custom law firm website design. Such an interface will have all the vital elements necessary for positioning the professionals in the best possible manner in front of the target audience. In this article, we are providing some valuable suggestions for creating powerful layouts that will create a positive impact on potential clients.

1. Use The Design To Build A Brand

Lawyers must aspire to build their brand through the website. This will help in creating a unique identity for their agency in the digital space. Design professionals must incorporate any existing branding elements into the layout. In case, they do not have a clearly-defined traditional marketing approach, they must integrate key elements like the color scheme and logo of their digital layout in the physical promotional material. This will help in creating a consistent image across the physical and virtual worlds. All firms must also invest in creating a logo which is an effective tool for building brand recognition.

2. Align The Content With Client Requirements

People visit legal interfaces to know about the firm and whether it will be suitable for handling their issue or not. The content of the website goes a long way in convincing potential clients about the suitability of the attorney. It is essential that the content provides an answer to the visitors’ questions. Attorneys must ensure that the text of their interfaces is aligned with the requirements of the target audience. They must research the audience to understand the kind of information they are looking for and then compose the write-ups accordingly. The readers must feel assured that the firm will effectively help them in resolving the issues.

3. Optimize The Layout For Search Engines

Many people feel that search engine optimization is done only after the website is launched in a live user environment. They are not wrong in thinking along these lines but they are not entirely correct also. Using some best practices during the design stage will make sure that the interface is optimized even before launching. Platforms like WordPress provide numerous themes which are created keeping SEO in mind. There are additional tools like SEO plugins which can be helpful in the purpose. Such web development platforms also make sure that the title and meta description are included with every page and a sitemap is also generated and automated automatically. Optimizing the content for relevant keywords will also impact the online visibility of an interface.

4. Display Contact Information In A Prominent Location

Another vital goal of website design for law firms is to attract as many clients as possible. Legal interfaces must be fashioned for high conversions. A key factor that can impact the conversion rate is contact information. Let’s say a person visits a divorce law firm’s website and is impressed by the content and the attorney profiles. However, she does not find any methods of contact on the page she reached through search results. Chances are she will abandon the interface in favor of another option. All legal websites must display the contact information in a prominent location. Most designers prefer to place the details on the topmost part of the page where it is easily visible. They include phone numbers along with e-mail and contact form links in the section. Make sure to include the complete physical address and a Google Map of the location in the Contact Us page.

5. Use Simple Contact Forms

Contact forms are a critical component of all legal interfaces. These lead generation tools can boost conversions significantly if used in a planned manner. These forms which visitors need to fill in order to reach an attorney are handy tools for generating vital user information. However, asking people for too many details can be counter-productive. It is unlikely that most of them would like to share too much personal data during the first visit. The lead generation form must ask only for basic information like name, phone number, and e-mail ID along with the nature of the problem of a user. Moreover, include an enticing call to action with the form. A CTA button like “Schedule Your Free Consultation” will be a much better option than a plain “Call Now”.

6. Use Profile Pages To Impress The Audience

Do not forget that for potential clients you will be one of many options. Even if they reach your interface from a source other than search engines, they may be considering several other firms for their case. The simple fact that you operate in the relevant practice area would not be enough. You need to communicate your strengths in order to fully convince them. Profile pages can be helpful in this purpose. Create separate pages for all the lawyers of the agency and include brief biographies of all of them. Include headshots clicked by professional photographers and remember to list your achievements. You must also mention any awards or recognition that you have won. This will help in projecting you as an expert and experienced professional.


It is essential to integrate marketing elements in law firm website design to ensure that attorneys get in front of relevant audiences. The best approach will be to involve a law firm marketing consultant in the planning of the interface.

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