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10 Web design tips: make your page more attractive

When we create our website, whether corporate or personal or our online store, we always look for a good image with a memorable logo to serve as a claim for potential users. But for very good content we have, if our menus do not have consistency or the main image is not visually striking it is likely that all the time we have invested in it is not enough and we do not get the expected results.

Here we are going to tell you 10 web design tips to take into account to make your website more attractive.

1.- Design your logo

Create a logo that becomes your hallmark. Choose a letter and colors that are related to your company and that your customers always associate with it. The logo is a fundamental part of your website since it always appears at the top. Try to be clear and identify your brand.

2.- The power of the image

Although the text is important because it helps in some way to position your website, the most important thing is the power of the image. When accessing the web if we see that it is overloaded with information and that they contain very extensive texts, it is probably more difficult for users to find what they were looking for. Therefore, another of the web design tips that we give you is that prime simplicity in the home. Try to choose images that summarize your values or the basics of your website at a glance so that users know what you do or what you offer them as soon as you access the web.

3.- Colors and typography

Some time ago they took the dark colors on the main page but today light and pastel colors are a good option to put on your website. The background should be clear because it always gives a feeling of cleanliness and facilitates the understanding and reading of texts. The color we choose should never divert attention from the page, therefore, too bright colors are not a good option.

Regarding typography, you have to choose one that does not have serif so that reading is easier. In addition, you have to pay attention and do not change the type of typography when changing the tab on the web. Always keep the coherence of visual design.

4.- Responsive design

You always have to look from the user’s point of view and we must be clear that more and more people use their phones or tablets to access the Internet. Therefore, not only must we take care of the design that our website will have if it is viewed from a computer, but our website must be responsive. And, what do we mean by this? That our website has to be adapted to mobile and you have to be able to read just as well from a computer as from a mobile phone.

5.- Friendly URL

The URL long and full of letters and symbols are not, by any means, easy to remember no matter how hard we try. You must optimize, from the configuration panel of your theme, the name of the URLs to be called as the page. In this way, you will help SEO and the client will remember it better.

6.- Discard the Flash

The pages with flash have passed to a better life and their use was dismissed some time ago. The use of flash makes webs go slower, they are not accessible, search engine robots do not read them … and we could list many more reasons to discard their use.

7.- Contact

Always include a tab that shows the people that make up your team and who are behind web design tips that web and another page with the contact. It is always preferable to know who you are addressing, therefore, show who you are giving the page a certain closeness to the client. On the other hand, the contact tab is essential because if users have any kind of doubt they can contact us. Choose several ways of contact such as telephone, email and even Skype, so they can choose the way to talk with us that is most comfortable.

8.- Corporate video

The use of audiovisual tools, as an explanatory video of your services, is a great way to reach the customer quickly and directly. In it, you must explain in a few minutes what you do and what your mission is so that the clients are clear about the purpose of your page. In addition, another of the web design tips is that you can also use the video on Social Networks as an advertising element.

9.- Social Networks

Today the presence in Social Networks is fundamental to any company or business. You do not have to have profiles in all of them but in those that are more in line with your company and in which your business model can work. It is advisable to include both follow and share buttons because that way your users will be able to interact with you and in the long run you will create community.

10.- Blog

One last web design advice is to incorporate a blog to your web page since it is another option to generate content and publicize all your services. The blog will help you position your website (as long as the posts are well written for SEO ). You will have to publish entries periodically and create attractive content for your users. If you write about topics that may interest them you will generate much more traffic on your website.

These are our ten web design tips to make your page more attractive, we hope they serve you.

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