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Their Reviews Online

Four Ideas To Manage And Increase Their Reviews Online

Did you know that every six out of ten customers first look at online reviews before availing the services of a local business? Another recent study revealed that over 90 percent of customers do consider online reviews when making a purchase decision. This is a fascinating insight for all businesses. It shows that apart from…


What Makes a Good Website Design? In 2019

About 75% of your consumers will judge how credible your business is based on your website’s design. Thus, you may be losing customers before they even give you a chance to wow them with your products and services. Today, the percentage of the population that forms the largest portion of your visitors – and thus, potential…

Web Development Best Practices To Set Yourself Up For Success

Website development is one of the most successful businesses in the digital era. The age of information in the new millennium has helped countless businesses take over a significant portion of the market. From brands like Nike to Apple, Amazon to Netflix all of them has utilized the power of creativity in design for their…

Time To Redesign Your Business Website In 2018

The first impression of anything leaves a strong mark on the customers, and you never get a second chance to change the first.  And since the first impression of any business is based exclusively on their website. So, redesigning your website should be your topmost consideration. Web designing shouldn’t be taken lightly, it takes a…


How will The Latest Google Algorithm Change Affect Your SEO Strategies

In today’s digitalized world, search engine optimization matters. Let’s say you have a leather skin shop. You create a website to increase sales. Your site looks professional and well-built. You even brand it by including a professional logo. However, the site barely gets any traffic. Why would that happen? Did you know that there are…

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