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Want To Grow Your Amazon Business? Here Is What You Should know!

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Amazon has established itself as the biggest online shopping platform in the world. A significant reason for this success has been the service called ‘Fulfilment by Amazon.’ Fulfillment by Amazon or FAB for short is everything a business looking to grow could hope for. The service lets companies employ Amazon’s network of storage and shipping facilities for a relatively low fee. The result is that a business can have a steady stream of customers via Amazon, and Amazon ensures product delivery from the seller to the buyer’s doorstep

Unfortunately, for businesses, there is a lot of competition in this space and to ensure growth the company needs to stand out among the rest. Here are a few tips on how they can do so:

Stick To Your Niche:

There is a general misconception that the more variety of products a business offers, the more it will profit. That could not be further from the truth. Remember that the key is quality over quantity.

When a company sells multiple types of products, none of them is up to the standard of those made by businesses that stick to a single niche. The reason for this is that such companies can hire highly specialized employees who are motivated by that particular field rather than a ‘jack of all trades’ approach. They can streamline their supply chain and improve quality control to produce a consistent standard product at a pace that can match the demand. All these overall results in less investment per unit made and thus, prices can be adjusted to undercut the competition while maintaining profits.

Thus, it is essential to work from the ground up and reorganize your business, cutting out commodities that you do not excel in producing before you can expect significant growth.

Build an Online Presence:

To stand out, your brand and its associated products need to be more recognizable than the competition. There are more than a few ways to approach this, especially with the tools at your disposal today. Having a social media presence is a must. Your brand should have pages on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These pages should be active with regular posts to keep followers engaged and your name in the limelight. Social media management tools are available for this exact purpose.


Since Amazon isn’t a website your business owns, you can only expect to gain limited exposure through it. Having a well-designed and user-friendly website can significantly increase brand exposure. Potential customers can visit your site and learn more about your brand. They can browse through your inventory and be guided to the appropriate Amazon links directly through your website.

Employ the Use of SEO:

Search engines use algorithms to provide a graded list of results to a specific query. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method employed to make your desired website or product appear higher up on this list. It is a commonly used marketing tactic that is undeniably successful.

You can employ SEO in two ways. The first is to hire an SEO service geared to increasing your brand’s website ranking on online searches such as Google. The other is the use of Amazon SEO, which focuses on bringing your product higher up on an Amazon search.

Search engine optimization is a somewhat complicated task and one for which a reliable company should be hired as there are more than a few scammers out there. Extensive research on the top Amazon SEO companies in your area before hiring is advisable.

Other Marketing Techniques:

Other than SEO, there are several different methods to get your word out. Your social media accounts can function as marketing platforms, along with your adore-mentioned website. Paid advertisements on television or third-party websites can also produce desirable results. Conversely, You tubers can be paid to run a few second segments about your product in one of their videos. This is a useful tool, as these videos sometimes end up getting millions of views.

If you have ever browsed through Amazon, you will notice that they run ads by showing ‘featured products.’ For companies looking to expand their business on Amazon, this is perhaps the most suitable way to market their product. The best part is that Amazon does not charge you for this service unless someone clicks on that featured product’s link.

Improve Using User Feedback:

Many businesses wrongfully treat online reviews as a threat to their business. They figure out that negative reviews could give their company a bad name. In reality, inferior products provide a company with a bad name- the reviews are just a means through which you can know about it. Once you think in these terms, you can open up to the idea of using them as essential tools to your benefit.

It is important to analyze why a particular customer was dissatisfied and what can be done to improve. A chronological list of complaints should be compiled in order of urgency and frequency, and immediate action should be taken to curb the issues one by one. Note that it may never be possible to satisfy everyone but the more customer you please, the more positive the reviews. These will push your products higher up on an Amazon search and these increase sales and eventually profits.


Online shopping has never been easier than it is today. Customers can very easily find almost anything online, pay for it and have it delivered to their doorstep in as little time as one day. The internet has made selling products just as easy as it has made buying them. Indeed, a business of today has more potential to grow than ever before thanks to services like FBA just as long as they are willing to go about it the right way.

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