Tips to Start Career in Web Design

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Web Design is the art of creating, conceptualizing and updating WebPages for a website using interactive elements like text, icons, Images, and interactive features. It also involves website structure, information architecture, navigation ergonomics, user interface, colors, website layout, fonts, contrasts, and imagery as well as icons design.

The design of a website describes the front-end or the visual appearance of the site. It is a different profession which blends technology and creativity. Website designers are highly proficient in development, which requires hyper management and hypertext resources like CSS and HTML or Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla/Word Press to create website scripts.

It is a known fact that starting a career is among the hardest things that face us at a certain point of time in life.  Becoming a web designer in the field of web designing requires technical experience, business management, interpersonal and original skills.

Web designing, being a challenging career option is also a pleasing one. It includes designing the layout and putting up the final output lines. For a successful web designer, it is essential to make some preparation beforehand.

Businesses to create attractive and interactive web portals employ web designers. An interactive website will maximize ROI through conversions. A professional website will attract new customers, frequently appears on search engines and provide information to site visitors.

Web Designing is one of the fastest growing and most summoned occupations today. This sector with prolific growth driven by the world’s increasing dependence on digital especially in e-commerce offers excellent salaries for talented personnel.

Common job/roles in Website design and development include Web designer, Web Developer, User Experience Designer, Graphic Designer, User Interface Designer (Computer Software Applications), PHP Developer, Software Engineer, etc.


Now, let’s discuss the tips to start the career in designing

Improve Skills

It is essential for a successful web designer to possess few necessary skills. You must be creative, be a technophile and be adept at problem-solving. Web design in contrast to popular belief is a highly social career and spends time with meeting clients, so it is required to have strong interpersonal skills.

University courses involve the study of web aesthetics, programming and technical expertise like graphics, coding and user experience (UX). However, many designers are self-taught that there exist distinct courses and tutorials available online, which are easy to follow and often accessible with free access.

Taking online training course is another excellent way to expand your skill sets rapidly. Several online training courses provide available to provide best quality training courses to help creative’s deliver digital excellence.

It’s also essential to gain a good understanding of the programmes that are used in web designing frequently. Adobe Dreamweaver, JavaScript, FrontPage and Expression Web are the programmes that are commonly used by professionals. Therefore, having a sound knowledge of these will help you get to grips with the fundamental principles. Most web designers have an element of coding in their day to day job.

Gain Some Experience

The next and more important step in becoming web designer is to acquire some experience. One of the easiest ways to get this is by creating and designing a site on your own. By creating a website on your own, you can gain valuable experience without being afraid to make mistakes.

One more thing to remember is to get some content on the web and tune that later according to your style. For this, you should regularly test the website content onto the internet, across multiple channels before going live.

The best way to gain experience in web design is to do some temporary work at a web design agency. Design agencies maintain the portfolio of clients and create visually exciting websites depending on the requirements of the specific customers.

By acquiring some experience in a design agency and learning the skills by networking and shadowing established designers. It helps you in developing a strong foundation to get permanent employment within the business as a freelance designer.

Stay Up to Date with Latest Technology

The universal truth is that “Practice makes perfect,” and hope all of you agree on this. You have to practice all the time and see the world as a web designer, i.e., capturing all the exciting information that you understand and transforming it into the design.

The proven method to keep on top of latest trends and ideas in web designing, attend to the web designing trade shows regularly. Design Expos are frequently held in multiple locations around the globe and can provide information on all aspiration styles that are trending. It is essential to remain adaptable as websites can quickly look outdated.

It is a good practice to dedicate some portion of time a week to spare on researching themes so that you can remain current with your designs.

Keep Your Portfolio up to Date

It is essential to create your work portfolio to showcase your best designs. Clients who all share a common industry, it is a great idea to create every new layout with this industry in mind. Aim to tell a story with your portfolio that is immediately obvious to the viewer. The purpose of this work-collection is all about showcasing your talent across a wide range of different designs; make sure you have enough variety to appeal to a broader client base.

It is advised to maintain your portfolio fresh and relevant, so do not leave old design visible to stagnate on your website and prune your content regularly. Being a website designer is a fantastic occupation, which will allow you to create stunning site designs while utilizing your love of technology. According to a survey, above 1 billion websites are available now.  There has been a greater need for new creative, unique and dynamic website designs.

It might seem intimidating to start a web design career. Several designers are talented and can take your spot if you are not enough prepared. The most important thing is to be confident and believes in yourself, and even if you don’t get the expected praise, you don’t have to be discouraged.


Quality comes before quantity. Don’t just give out empty promises if you think that you cannot manage it. If people observe that you are not professional and you lack work ethics, they will immediately turn away as the word spreads out easily than hard work, you might not get a future client soon.

Prasanthi Korada, a Post Graduate in Computer Science from Andhra University was born and raised in Kakinada. She is currently working as a Content Contributor at Her professional experience includes Content Writing at Vinutnaa IT Services and Digital Marketing at Prominere Software Solutions. She can be contacted at Connect with her also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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