5 Ways To Spur Your Website’s Growth In A Month

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The digital world is brimming with well-constructed websites featuring quality content therefore it can often be a challenging task to maintain a sure shot place for your business in this competitive medium of marketing.

You can be a novice ecommerce entrepreneur who needs to generate immediate awareness regarding your new venture or a veteran in the field of digital marketing who has just hit a plateau in their website growth curve.

In either case, the prosperity of your business relies heavily on the number of users you can attract every month. Here is what you can do to generate user traction to spur your website’s growth in a fairly brief period.

  1. Use SEO to increase visibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in the visibility of your website on the search engine’s unpaid or organic results. It is the process of optimizing a website to position it at a higher rank on SERPs. By securing the coveted top spots on the search engine’s organic results, your website can gain more notability and thus steadier user traction. According to research, one-third of the users click on the first unpaid website on the list.

However, search engine algorithms that determine the relevancy of a website according to the query are often upgraded to provide the user with the most pertinent results. These upgrades can have a detrimental effect on your website’s visibility. To employ SEO to the best of your website’s advantage and to remain the top priority on the search engine results regardless of the changing algorithms, you need to conduct regular SEO audits.

An audit is performed to analyze the various factors that come into effect when determining the visibility of your website. Once you have identified the weak links in your website that were dragging down your rankings, you can fix these issues to regain your position. Here is a checklist of the elements you need to audit in order to fine-tune your website to retain a higher rank on the SERPs.

2. Invest in paid advertisements

Being featured in paid advertisements on social media and other digital platforms is one of the fastest ways to generate user traffic. Unlike SEO, this marketing gimmick is not a long-term solution for constantly bringing in more leads for your business, as the links become defunct as soon as you stop funding the ads.

However, it guarantees immediate results if you plan strategically and invest smartly. The key to an effective advertisement campaign that brings in substantial traffic is to understand where exactly the majority of your potential customers are based and positioning your ads accordingly.

Moreover, most famous social media channels, like Facebook with its 2 billion users, offer ample opportunities to grow your business through specifically tailored ad campaigns that target a fixed demographic based on their interests, age, location etc. These chosen prospects are most likely to click through, visit your website and even convert into customers.

Famous search engines like Google and Bing also feature paid website links on the top of the SERPs, providing websites with more visibility.

3. Harness the power of the influencers

Every field has its own share of influencers that enjoy a massive fan following. Harnessing the power these influencers have on their audience to bring your website to the fore front is known as influencer marketing. This marketing technique can help you reach out to a larger, newer audience base who can be your potential customers.

Build positive relationships with these influencers by featuring their work on your website, share their work on your social media or quote them in your blogs. The influencers may also share your blog which mentions them providing you with exposure amongst their followers and you can immediately rake in an audience of thousands.

You can ask questions on the influencers’ digital platforms showing them your genuine interest in their work or even request them for an interview once you have established acquaintance. Being discreet and respectful is highly imperative; blatant requests for free publicity can have a negative impact on your reputation.

4. Serve as a guest blogger

Guest blogging refers to posting your blogs on another notable website related to your field of work. It is a great way to provide immediate exposure to your website amongst the readers of the website featuring your blog post.

Guest blogging can generate user traction to your website in two ways. One; you can integrate an intelligent backlink in your blog with authoritative content that drives the users directly to your website. The important factor is to construct a well-crafted blog which narrates authenticity and builds trust in the readers so that they are willing enough to click on the link provided in your blog.

Two; guest posts can provide you with significant connections to the major players with established audience. If your post is part of a reliable, prominent website, it endorses your website elevating its social standing.

5. Generate excitement with contests and promotions

A quick route to driving increased user traffic to your website is by generating excitement by hosting contests, awarding giveaways and promoting your products in an innovative way. You can offer your customers one of your latest products, valuable gift cards or great discounts in exchange for their participation in promoting your website on their social media or liking and sharing a post.

However, you need to invest in your campaign by offering an incentive well-worthy of the customer’s efforts and compelling enough to influence them into actively participating.

If done right with thoughtful contests custom designed for your consumer base, such promotional marketing campaigns can garner multitudes of users for your business.

Website growth is directly correlated to the user traffic as an increased inbound traction generates more opportunities to convert these visitors into loyal customers. In the end, it all boils down to how effectively you retain your inbound user traffic.

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