Why are Blogs Indispensable for Internet Marketing Today?

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Internet marketing is highly dependent on content that has now become the focal point for search engines. Google has emphasized time and again how much importance it gives to content. Texts, images, videos, audios, RSS feeds, and animations are part of the content, but the significant contribution comes from texts. Since content is ideal for communicating with the audience, you have to depend significantly on text to create compelling content.

Blogs are necessary for creating high quality content and the success of businesses. Marketers use quality blogs for internet marketing, and they can make the real difference between failure and success in business. It can increase visibility, improve search ranking and generate more leads that can increase sales. To take advantage of the benefits of blogs in internet marketing, you have to ensure that the blogs get published on your business website. Read on to know why blogs are so essential for internet marketing.

Content marketing has replaced traditional hard selling

To be looked upon as a business entity that earns respect from consumers, it is critical to pay attention to building brands that bear the marks of reliability. The products and services are central to the brand building process. However, there is also the need for establishing your business entity as an authority in the niche in which you operate.

You can set your authority only when you can interact with the audience by creating valuable content and sharing it with them.  The quality of content will attract the audience who will discover your worth and abilities through it and be eager to develop a relationship. In the long term, this relation will pay you back through improved sales without the need of hard selling your products or services. Your business website should, therefore, have a blog page that can be used for marketing in a different way as explained above. Blogs are at the core of all internet marketing activities with a host of benefits that we will discuss below.

Blogs drive more traffic to websites

Earning high ranks in search results is the primary goal of internet marketing and high rankings are possible only when search engines can find your site easily. Blogs help to add more content to websites, and whenever you publish fresh content, search engines crawl it for indexing. More blogs lead to more indexed pages, and this increases the chances of being found easily by search engines.  As a result, websites that have blogs become more visible during organic searches, and this improves the flow of traffic to the site.

Be where the audience is

The target of internet marketing is to reach out to the public. You need to make your online entity appear before the target consumers by spreading it across places that are most frequented by the audience. Since the majority of the public spends the maximum time on social media platforms, your business too needs to have an impressive social media presence. To maintain an active presence on social media, you need content and blogs that perfectly serve the purpose. Blogs help to build better audience engagement and develop relationships that are essential for more traffic and more sales.

The blog posts are your social media passports, without which you would not have been there. Sharing blog posts on the social media is the way to drive more traffic to your business website. Just imagine how much deprived you would have been had you turned away from creating blogs for your website. If you have newsletters that help to stay in touch with customers, the blog posts can provide regular content for it too.

Give a voice to the brand

Blogging gives you the opportunity to enter into a candid conversation with the audience so that you can share with them things you are passionate about.  Your business philosophy, your values, and vision are all shared through the blogs. You can talk about your employees and share with the audience issues of interest and concerns too. Your business gets a voice that the audience can relate with, and it opens up the concealed side of the business that creates more closeness with the target consumers. The element of transparency in the blogs builds up the trust that contributes to making the brand more likable to the audience.

Build authority

This point has been touched earlier, but considering its importance it is worth mentioning it again.  Blogs can be used to share industry related information and other insights that helps to establish your authority in the field. The authority that you develop makes you so much familiar with the audience that whenever they have to decide on buying, they would refer to you on priority. The authority that you have established has increased your trustworthiness to them.

More leads

This may sound a bit stretched, but truth can be stranger than fiction.  The more content and more pages you have, the better are your prospects of generating more leads. This statement has the backing of research results that has shown that more content directly contributes to increased leads.

Expect more conversions

That your business is in good shape is reflected by refreshing the content at regular intervals. The relationship with the audience that you develop through blogs can be taken a step ahead to gain customer loyalty for the brand. This is a clear indication that you can expect much better conversions from the leads that you generate.

Improves link building

Acquiring inbound links is essential to run a strong SEO campaign and blogs can do it for you in a great way. High-quality blogs will attract others who would be interested in linking to your website and providing the much needed link to you. Every time you add new blogs, the process gets a boost. Besides improving SEO prospects, these links can also drive referral traffic that is an additional gain.

From the larger business perspective, blogging can increase the return on investment by thirteen times over companies that keep away from it. If you are still sitting on the fence, it is time to take a call from what you have just learned.

About the author – Charlie Brown is an SEO expert and blogger. He is obsessed by the powers of the social media and believes that blogs are at the core of all internet marketing activities. Content development is the new field that he is excited about.

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