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What types of Posts Get Shared the most on Facebook

FB ShareSocial media is now on the rage, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It is important for business perspectives to promote their brand and products on these social media sites. Facebook is most famous among all having maximum number of users. Promoting your website on this social media site gives you more business. This is because more people reach your business and you can communicate with your clients anytime. In order to gain brand equity and loyalty there are certain ways. Most efficient is the posts. Some effective contents or, posts get more shares, comments and likes. Within billions of people it is almost difficult to get your post visible to everyone and get maximum shares. If people feel like, one content is valuable and unique they like it and share it. They feel like the photo or post should reach maximum number of people. Here are some types of posts that became famous instantly.

Photos and iconic pictures are the most shared contexts on Facebook. A post get likes means people like it, they support it. But on the other hand share is far valuable than likes. When people more likely feel the content is worthy enough to reach everyone they share it. So it is much more important for business because post is shared one’s friends and followers. Video format is one largest shared posts, so maximum organizers are looking onto create their own video for their business which contains business overview, products and review. Videos accompanied with descriptive contents are very popular. Similarly links get maximum number of fans on social media platform. Quotes, studies and statistics are also famous over social media. According to survey by professionals and experts pictures gain more than 90% more popularity, quotes, videos and links after that.

Humorous contents, sports updates, and politics are more likely popular among people. The posts which are updated regularly are announcement of latest juiciest news, status reports by the users, blogs about anything in someone’s mind, quotes by famous people, lyrics of songs, poems, some complains, abuses, puzzlers and jokes etc. Most of the people open facebook to be entertained and get useful updates. So to get famous in between so much of post updates among billions of people it is important to make your post more practical, useful and unambiguous. You can make your content to inform or, influence people, helpful & supportive to recipient, connect with the world, which shows your identity.

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