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Facebook Page Management

What Makes Facebook Management A Powerful Strategy

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Facebook Page Management
What Makes Facebook Management A Powerful Strategy

A business that has come online should not miss the opportunity that all various social media platforms offer. From kick-starting your company to increase sales to providing quality feedback and customer service, social networking websites are the best marketing options available online. This explains why Facebook Management and Facebook Page Management are some of the best tools for your business. Know the things below that make Facebook management a powerful strategy.

1. Amount of people on Facebook

The sheer amount of people on Facebook is just enormous. About 1.44 billion people visit Facebook every month, 900 million people log in on a daily basis, and 700 million users sign in with mobile phones and tablets. All these people can become your potential customers. This makes Facebook a very attractive platform for businesses like yours, making Facebook Management very crucial.

2. Facebook Pages

Something that is unique to Facebook out of all social media networks is its Pages. From personal to large enterprise, you can make Pages; the best part is it’s free. It also provides a range of powerful tools such as analytics, demographics, and comments that people make at specific times of a day all for free. These tools and the very nature of Pages where you can write posts, share video files, and engage with your audience are very attractive to all sorts of business models. Try to use Facebook App Manager on iOS and Android to manage your Facebook Page on the go. There is also a Facebook Mentions app that will also help you in Facebook Management.

3. Facebook adverts

While Pages can attract the audience you are close to, Facebook Adverts, with a paid subscription, can make your content truly international. You can target specific age groups, with specific interests at specific locations to maximize engagement and effectively drive customers to your website. On top of these, Facebook also provides you with excellent tools for real-time monitoring.

To manage your Facebook Page, use Facebook Adverts. This tool is easy and user-friendly for your business, in addition to boosting your audience effectively and profitably. There are numerous people who visit Facebook using their tablet and mobile phones; Facebook Adverts can enable you to reach out to these customers too, as they connect with their friends and families.

3. Google search optimization

While Facebook did decline the offer made by Google to allow it to provide search results inside Facebook, Google is still the primary search engine globally. Therefore, people still use Google on a daily basis to search for businesses that are present on social networking sites, which include Facebook. A growing and a viral business profile account on Facebook can also land in Google queries when customers type appropriate keywords.

4. Success stories

There have been a host of businesses and even educational institutions that have succeeded with these simple, yet powerful tools that are available for a low price, making it very cost-effective. Here are some success stories:

Istebuayakkabi: A Turkish online footwear association used Facebook Page Management tools to effectively increase their sales by 60%, and 70% website traffic boost only from Facebook.

Fstoppers: An online community of photographers based in the UK, Canada, and USA, elicited a 50% web traffic from Facebook, with twice the return of the ads, and with 9,000 active Facebook members actively engaging in lively discussions.

McDonald’s Egypt: The company made it possible for 11.5 million people to reach the fast food company, driving a 12-point increase in sales.

These are some of the examples taken from Facebook’s own website. These success stories prove the importance of managing your Facebook Page productively to drive traffic to your website, just like those examples. To read more of these stories, click the link: https://www.facebook.com/business/success/

As a whole, Facebook Page Management is an art and an effective tool for businesses that may or may not provide online services. Reaching out to fans will help satisfy the customers, and can also make your products or services available for their friends and families; thus, it effectively increases your audience.

To manage your Facebook Page is easy, yet it is powerful for providing a stronghold for businesses online. Your online presence is important for a favorable perfection of your business. May you utilize these tools to the utmost.

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