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Top Ways a Sales Team Can Benefit from a CRM System for Better Business Efficiency

Selling is not always easy especially when you have to achieve some targets assigned by your boss. And without any target, there is just no meaning of the word sales. Since sales have a direct link to profitability, it is natural to assign targets for meeting the arithmetical goals in revenue earning. For succeeding in sales, putting in your best efforts are not enough unless you optimize it for maximum gains. The best way to optimize sales efforts is to utilize some tools like the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that has proven record of improving sales. If you work out the productivity factor of sales, it will become evident that by using CRM you achieve much higher productivity in sales. This is the basic reason why the CRM tool like the one supported by Flosum.comhas found a permanent place among the sales community.

Unless you can serve customers in the way they feel most comfortable, you can never receive a positive response. By keeping close touch with customers, you can know about their emotions and behavior pattern, know what makes them happy, what they like and dislike and what they expect from you. For keeping in touch with customers, you need a comprehensive database capable of capturing every detail of each customer that forms a historical record of customer profiles.  This database is what CRM is all about without which sales managers would simply find themselves completely ineffective.

The mobile push

The widespread use of mobile devices has increased the popularity of CRM tools, as salespeople who are always on the move can use it comfortably. Indeed, some salesmen who are part of the field force look upon the tool with despiseas they view it as a device used by their bosses to keep them under a tight leash by monitoring their movements. However, the attitude is now changing because data from surveys show that 67 % salesmen who use CRM meet their sales targets while the number of non-achievers who preferred not to use the tool is 78%.

The bigger picture

By looking at the bigger picture of marketing, it becomes clear that CRM has a far-reaching impact on various aspects of marketing. From customer retention to customer satisfaction and from sales revenue to up selling and cross-selling there is significant improvement observed in the performance figures that hovers around 50% on an average. It takes time for the results to show up but when it does, it becomes a game changer. In this article, we will look at some benefits of CRM that salespeople can enjoy.for more you can also visit the lean startup.

Take a professional approach to selling

How salesmen present themselves in front of prospective customers matter a lot in making headway to gain sales advantage. A smart and agile salesperson equipped with customer data packed in the CRM would find it easy to create a convincing sales pitch that the customers would find dependable and trustworthy. By highlighting some customer-related information that the salesperson already possesses, it becomes easy to demonstrate how much they care for customers. It shows how much importance they attach to customers who enjoy a sense of pride and satisfaction that brings them closer.  With ready access to data, it becomes all so easy to win over customers.

Better time management

Professional success depends on how well you can manage time because proper time management is what sets the professionals apart from the rest. Utilizing your time for productivity gains is the secret in managing time successfully for which you must know how to cut down on unproductive work that does not relate to the core area of your function.  By using CRM that automates several manual tasks, you can do away with work not essentially related to the core area that used to eat away your valuable time. Now you can use the time more productively by focusing on tasks related to your area that helps to meet the sales target.

Easy to share information

CRM helps to create a close network marketing with the members of the sales team as they have access to the same database that makes information sharing very easy.  By creating shareable templates for frequently used e-mails and phone scripts it brings team members closer to each other. Since CRM is now mobile friendly, it empowers salesmen to become more effective by sharing information real time right from the field.

Generate leads faster

By capitalizing on the feature of integrating CRM with the social media, you can take advantage of tracking leads and share it with the frontline salespeople so that they can take quick action for converting it. The moment you capture a lead in the social media campaign, you can instantly forward it the salesman on the field for nurturing it to take it forward towards conversion.

Goal setting becomes simple

CRMs make it possible to pull all data at one place that helps in better tracking of performance both within the team as well as across other teams. You can use the data for generating reports and forecast. With so much data available for analysis, it makes the task of setting short-term goals very easily. Since the goals emanate from live data, the goal setting aligns closely with the ground realities.

Customer loyalty and customer retention

With all customer data at your fingertips, it becomes easy to build close relationships with customers. When customers repose complete faith in your  Bootstrap business and products, they turn loyal to you and the brand. Customer loyalty is crucial as it translates into revenue that salespeople frantically look for.

By accessing the profiles of prospective customers stored in CRM, sales personnel can chalk out the most effective method of pitching for sales. It makes easy for striking the right chords with the prospects and winning them over.  The probability of selling to new customers goes up by anything between 5-20% and the possibilities of sales to existing customers increase by 60-70%.

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