Top 8 free Development Tracking Software tools

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If you have a small team and are looking for a way to save on project management, the best option is to find a free Project Management Tool. Or if you are just a person who is, not so much organized and need help to stay on track with your tasks and beat the deadline, this is still the solution.

A Project Management tool can increase the efficiency of a person and help them perform better to complete tasks in the time given. The software can be a great asset if you don’t want your pockets to run dry.

Project management software is not the same even so. There is weeklytimelog software that can be well utilized by developers and designers. There are other tools made specifically for marketers and business-related functions. The choice generally depends on the amount of work you want to and how important the project is.

Development Tools

Software developers have a task to create, edit, maintain and debug other apps, framework, and programs. To do this, there is special software they use to make it possible. The software is termed as a Software Development Tool or otherwise a Software Programming tool.

There are many types of these tools depending on the amount of work a person wants to carry out. There are forms like linkers, compilers, code editors, GUI designers, performance and analysis tools among many others.

Now it is not just as easy and check-n-pick select development software; there are several factors that one must put into consideration. The first thing to do is to base your selection on the type of project you are handling.

Consider factors like company standards, the usefulness of the tool, its ability to integrate with other tools, the appropriate environment, and the learning curve. After all, it is an investment of time, money and effort and it should be used with that in mind.

The success of the project you are handling depends entirely on the tool you select. This places the selection process as a priority for success.

What are the uses of software development tools?

Before we look at the top free picks, let us consider for a moment why you will need the tool for your project management and other tasks.

–    It is used to accomplish the business process, and to document how the software enables development then optimize all the processes involved. In simple terms, it makes business processes a possibility.

–    They are used to increase the productivity of a project.

–    Through the use of these tools, a developer can track and maintain workflow for any project.

In simple terms, the development tools are what you need to develop and track a project literally. These aspects are important in ensuring that the projects are completed on scheduled and in the most appropriate manner.

Let us look at the top 8 development tools to consider.

  1. Atom

This is an open source free desktop editor and a source code editor. It is updated, user-friendly and the most amazing tool.


–     Cross-platform editing with various systems.

–    Customizable

–    Build-in package manager, smart autocomplete, and multiple panes, file system browser, etc.

  1. Cloud 9

It was initially open source Integrated Development Environment that was later acquired by Amazon Web Services for improvement.


–    Web-based platform for scripting, running and debugging code on the cloud.

–    The user can work with server less apps.

–    It has powerful features like code completion suggestions among others.

–    IDE

–    AWS allows environment is sharing with workmates for projects.

  1. GitHub

GitHub is a powerful tool for code review and management


–    Easy code documentation and hosting.

–    Helps users stay aligned and easy coordination.

–    Strong security code, access control, integration with other tools etc.

–    Allows experimentation of personal projects.

–    Can be hosted o servers and cloud.

–    Free for open source projects.

  1. NetBeans

NetBeans is a free and open source development tool.


–    Supports cross-platform

–    Offers features like SmartCode editing, writing bug-free code, easy management process, and quick user interface development.

–    Easy updating of Java apps.

–    Made better by features like debugging, profiling, dedicated support for community, powerful GUI builder etc.

–    New developers can easily understand the application structure.

  1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is open source and free. It is more suitable for developing responsive websites and mobile projects. It uses CSS, HTML, and JS. It is best for faster and simpler sites.


–    Customizable features

–    Build- in components for accumulating responsive websites.

–    The responsive grid system, plug-ins, pre-built components, sass variables and mixins. These features allow users to build own apps.

–    Front-end web framework for quick modeling ideas and web app building.

–    Consistency guaranteed.

  1. Node.js

It is a JS runtime environment. It is open source and supports cross-platform functions. It is used for designing web apps and creating web servers/networking tools.


–    Runs in Windows, Linux. Mac OS, Unixetc.

–    Used to write server-side apps.

–    Multi-platform.

–    Has a large ecosystem of open source libraries.

  1. Bitbucket

It is a distributed control system with web-based functionality. It is used for collaboration between development teams. It is also used as a repository for source codes as well as projects.


–    Flexible deployment models, private repositories without limit, code collaboration, etc.

–    Supports other services like code search, issue time tracking, and tracking Git file among others.

–    Easy organization of repositories.

–    Easy integration to any workflow for project rationalization.

–    Free plan for five years.

  1. CodeCharge Studio

This is the leading IDE and RAD. It is used to create web apps driven by data or enterprise intranet.


–    Multi-platform support.

–    Enables analysis and modification of generated code.

–    Supports various databases – MySQL, Postgre SQL etc.

–    Visual IDE and code generator, web reports, online calendar, gallery builder etc.

–    It helps one minimize errors, reduced development time etc.


The list above contains the most important software development tools that are used by most people. You can choose your most preferred tool based on your project.

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