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Top 7 Most Inspiring Microsites

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Microsite-developerSometimes, even inspiration comes in small packages. And we know that some of the best things do as well. Think about it. Everything from a pair of diamond earrings to the smallest smart device supports this theory.

And since our attention spans are now as much as that of goldfish, it isn’t surprising that we are drawn to content that can sustain it as well. In fact, this is also why microsites are becoming vogue. Like the term implies, microsites are basically websites that have less content than their more comprehensive counterparts.

On that note, here is a list of the best microsites on the web:

1. Guide to CRO from Simple Business

The basic premise of a microsite is to give useful information to a user at a glance. Your users must be able to understand the purpose of your site instantly and without having to poke around too much, which is why the CRO Guide microsite from SimpleBusiness.co.uk deserves a place at the top of this list.

You enter the website and BAM! It throws in a message that says “How to Make More Money Via your Website.” If that isn’t much of a pull, it also displays subjects that people might want to learn more about with tempting questions which might get them clicking.

2. YearInMusic.Spotify.com from Spotify

Like the CRO Guide, Spotify’s microsite gets right to business and presents its purpose for users immediately. Referred to as the music that carried you through 2015, this microsite is personalized for users.

Here is how it works. The site is basically a tool that allows users to create their own “Year in Music” or personalized playlists of songs from 2015 that they liked the most. You can create a playlist based on details like your first played song, favorite artists or genres and artists by season. These, as well as other details like the time you spent listening to these tracks and the number of songs or artists played, can be shared as a snapshot of your Year in Music card across different social media accounts. The microsite makes this really easy thanks to a share button at the bottom.

3. The Hunger Games Exclusive

Before its release, The Hunger Games movie franchise debuted a first look into the first installment of Mockingjay with a microsite. What makes this site so interesting is that it was the first to offer insights from filmmakers and also gave fans an inside look into filming two movies at the same time. To create buzz, the microsite added a sweepstakes component as well as a page from the script which is sure to delight fans. Other notable features included a fiery poster of the movie’s protagonist in all her glory with the symbol of a Mockingjay behind her.

4. UrWhatUPost.com from Bolthouse Farms

A good microsite educates visitors. A really good one makes them think too. This what Bolthouse Farms did with its microsite UrWhatUPost.com. Its main goal is to change the way people think about food. How? By encouraging users to post pictures of healthy food instead of unhealthy junk food which is usually a more popular posting choice

But that’s not all what makes this site stand out. UrWhatUPost.com proves that microsites don’t have to be too minimalistic to be useful. They can be engaging too. As soon as you enter this site, you are met with colorful animations of healthy food items. Click on any of the dangling and dancing items to prompt actions that include everything from games to vibrant meditative sequences featuring your item of choice.

5. BurgerBFF.com

Some of the best microsites are those that attract audiences in creative ways. And if they happen to be about competitions that promise exciting prizes for lucky winners, all the better. BurgerBFF.com is a good example.

This microsite was launched by Mellow Mushroom, an Atlanta based pizzeria franchise, to promote their “Burger BFF” campaign. The basic premise of the campaign is to create buzz about new menu items – Carnie a beef burger and Herb, a vegetarian burger. Mellow Mushroom uses the microsite to promote a contest that gives its fans the chance to win a round trip to Seattle or Denver with their best friend. There are several ways through which people can enter. The microsite incorporates various elements that people can engage with to get a chance to win. Examples are interactive quizzes and a section in which customers can display shots of the menu items on Instagram.

6. The Ahh Effect Microsites from Coca Cola

The beverage giant released a series of 50 microsites in 2013. Dubbed “The Ah Effect”, these sites are still growing and each has a different URL with a different number of “ah’s” at the end.

The minimalistic nature and engaging content is meant to attract teen audiences with content that focuses on their shorter attention spans, love for social media, desire for fun and their scepticism regarding advertising campaigns. The microsites engage users from content ranging from games to engaging graphics like a virtual roller coaster.

All of the AHH sites are optimized for mobile and are displayed differently. They also take advantage of various mobile features like swiping and tilting to make the experience more engaging.

7. Dominosdxp.com 

Some brands use microsites to create buzz about new launches. The new DXP delivery vehicle in Dominpsdxp.com is one of them. The star of this microsite is described as a “first of its kind, purpose built pizza delivery vehicle” from Dominoes.

The site incorporates a series of stunning interactive graphics to tell the DXP’s tale to users. The brand seems to be particularly proud of features that add to the car’s exclusivity. It uses the microsite to show the thought process behind its production with different elements like an interactive game in which you can drive the DXP. During this game, a view from above shows you how the one-seater is designed specifically for deliveries with compartments that stabilize your food and drinks.

As you can see, possibilities regarding a microsites design, style, message and content are endless. A truly great site attracts users by using content that engages, is easily digestible and also attracts the eye.

Author Bio: Clark Davidson is a senior Microsite developer in a web development company. He is an expert person to design and develop quality Microsites. He developed so many effective Microsites in his career.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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