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A Brief Insight about Dark Patterns Used In Modern Web Designing

Whenever you log into a web page or an app you will find everywhere there are a few little tricks with popups and different other forms that will “trick” you into completing an online action. These are the so-called ‘dark patterns’ as these are supposed to create a negative impact on the user experience. However,…

Industrial Training Chandigarh

Industrial Training Chandigarh Offering Various Courses in Chandigarh

Industrial Training Chandigarh is offering winter and summer industrial training (two and six months). Industrial Training Chandigarh provides training which based on live project and also covered all topics. Industrial Training is a part of B.Tech and IT education. Industrial Training Chandigarh company aim is to making people technically and conceptually strong. Industrial Training Chandigarh…

Advantages of CSS

A Brief Overview Of CSS In The Realm Of Web Designing

Cascading Style Sheet or CSS is the way through which the web designers define how the website will appear to the readers across the globe. It was developed in the year 1997, so that the developers could create different content that could perform well in HTML. In the initial phases, the emphasis was on the…

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