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Small websites can do well in SEO by addressing the factors affecting on page and mobile optimization

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Small websites operate on shoestring budgets and hardly have money for hiring some SEO company for looking after their SEO marketing. SEO is all about how well you can optimize the website and optimizing small websites can become quite challenging due to budget constraints. However, as a small business owner, you have to accept the challenge because you simply cannot make your business survive without it. Relying on organic searches is a great way to drive traffic to websites and create a healthy pipeline of leads that can bring in revenue.

You need to master the art of nurturing and converting leads so that it translates into sales. Your ability to optimize websites and not the size of sites is what matters in Houston SEO. No website is too small for doing well in SEO provided you know the tricks of optimizing it by using on-page optimization techniques. Also, you have to address the mobile factors too. On page, optimization is critical for smaller websites although it is important for all others too. Read on to know about the areas to focus on optimizing web pages and making it mobile friendly.

Create user-friendly URLs

Every CMS allows users to create customized URLs that are easy for users to understand. By using the feature of editing URLs, you can change it the way you want.  If you use WordPress, the CMS would automatically create a readable URL from the title of the post.  Even if you are using some SEO plugin, you can make changes to the URL to make it easy for users to understand what kind of content they could expect on the page.

Insert keywords in the titles

Something that sounds simple might not be simple when you try to do it. This is what you are likely to experience when you try to insert targeted keywords in the titles of the posts and web pages.  It is far from simple when you have to place single or multiple keywords in the title to make it catchy to search engines.

First, you must choose an attractive title that looks natural and balance it well by placing keywords within it. Never should the keywords appear imposed on the title that could make it lose its natural appeal.  Secondly, you must be mindful of using keywords that have a link to user intent. Such keywords bring out the best content against specific searches.

Emphasize visual content

Since visual content has higher appeal and easily attract viewers, create content that has a good number of visuals comprising of images and videos. Also include infographics, memes, GIFs, screenshots, and presentations so that it looks not only attractive but also becomes easy for viewers to consume and comprehend the content. It would keep visitors engaged longer, which is a requirement for succeeding in SEO. Mix text and visuals intelligently to create useful and attractive content and keep away from creating text-heavy content that could make viewers lose interest and desert the website.

Keyword in the first paragraph

Placing the targeted keyword in the first sentence or the first paragraph is a standard SEO optimization technique that often comes under fire from some marketers, but it is still effective.   Since the first paragraph is the first point of engagement with the content, viewers get a fair idea about what to expect from the content. They can decide whether to continue reading or leave the page by reading the opening lines that contain the keyword that relates to the intent of viewers.

Heading tags

The heading tags, as they appear in the hierarchy of H1 to H6 help users to figure out what the content is about.  The title of the page that corresponds to H1 tag and appears in search results is most important for viewers.  The remaining five tags (H2 to H6) are subheadings that give more options to viewers in quickly judging the usefulness of content. Since viewers are keen to scan the content instead of reading it completely, subheadings help to ascertain if the content would be worth to devote time for reading.  The subheadings should be self-explanatory that aids selective reading.

Create internal links for smooth navigation

Regardless of the content quality, users would always pay more attention to the ease of moving around the website for locating content quickly. Good navigation is a pre-requisite for making websites attractive to viewers.  Interlink the pages and content carefully so that visitors can logically move across the website as it encourages them to stay engaged for the longer duration.  The links emphasize the importance of content and its relevance.  The better the navigation, better it would be for search engines to crawl the website for indexing pages.

Alt text optimization for images

Indexing is for not only text-based content, but it applies to images too. Just as you would optimize text content, optimize the text accompanying the photos.  By optimizing the alt text of images, you could increase the chances of Google indexing the photos too. However, if your focus is on ranking well for images, then you must optimize the images with special attention.

Ensure social sharing

To increase the visibility of content, you have to leverage the social media that provides wide outreach. By making your content available on the social media, you can gain wide exposure, and more people could share the content and increase its visibility.  Use scrollable social sharing buttons that allow users to share content even when they are reading it. Placing social media buttons at the top and bottom or any one place of articles is a good idea.

Mobile friendliness is mandatory

Create a responsive design for websites so that it ensures mobile friendliness. With mobile searches outnumbering searches on desktops, it is imperative that to gain an advantage in marketing; your site must display beautifully on mobile screens.

Optimizing with the objective of making websites lovable to users first would automatically make it attractive for search engines. When you optimize with users in mind, search rankings would automatically improve.

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