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Most Outstanding Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Local Landing Pages

Presenting Most Outstanding Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Local Landing Pages

Most Outstanding Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Local Landing Pages
Most Outstanding Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Local Landing Pages

With the growth in the online industry, most of the websites are struggling hard for establishing their web presence. This becomes tougher for those businesses who are struggling to get more conversion rates from the local searches. In a recent research carried out by Google, it was found that majority of the local searches are being performed on the mobile devices as compared to the desktops. This undoubtedly led to a conclusion that a large amount of web traffic is being focused on the local businesses or local commerce.

It has been observed that for any of the local searches, the intention of the user is different. Usually, the searchers look forward to specific information or searches within a specific locale. So, the website owners who want to sell their business must design their website in such a way that it will directly list down according to specific searches.

As a result, you need to optimize your website according to the local searches. So below are listed some of the most outstanding tips & tricks shortlisted by kodematix.com, for optimizing local searches through the landing pages that can improve results from the local marketing:

Optimize Mobile Friendly Sites

According to a research, it has been proved that greater number of monthly search (around 94% of local searches) request usually comes from mobile devices. With the Smartphone revolution phase, the website needs to be optimized for the mobile-viewing. It is important that the websites must be designed keeping in mind the responsiveness of the site so that it could be easier for the potential customers to help with the mobile friendly search. Also, few months ago Google started rewarding those websites that are mobile friendly.

Have a Well Presentable Call-To-Action Buttons

The website traffic, especially the local search traffic comes from those users who are looking for urgent service and need a phone call or an appointment form to fill out. As a result, it is important to design your website in such a way that the local searchers find it easy to search their query. As a result, the Call-to-Action buttons could play a very important role that must be decent sized, contrasting colour and must reveal its function to the customers. It is recommended to stick to just one CTA on the landing page with just one action to be done.

It is better to have Less Load Time of Web Pages

It is not necessary that everyone has the fastest Smartphone data connections and so it is advisable that your page fast to load. If one want good conversion rate of their websites, one must work on the page load time of the website. In order to reduce the bounce rates of the website, you need to work on those pages that take a longer time to load. As a result, it is important to optimize the web pages for desktop as well as mobile viewing while keeping the load time less than approx 2 seconds.

Look for Localized Content

Before designing a website, it is important to keep in mind that you are building a website for the local audiences and so it is important to provide them with the utmost relevant contents. Also, the searchers would be more interested with the contents that share information about their neighbourhood. This way you can increase user engagement on your website while increasing the website traffic and converting them to higher conversion rates.

Make Sure that the Site is Schema Marked Up

One may use schema markup for ensuring that the search engines have additional information about your page content without specifying it all over the web pages. Generally it is recommended as a good schema markup helps in getting your site indexed with Google.

Create Genuine ‘About Us’ Page

This is important, especially for the local businesses as they brief out the rich history of your business. Usually, the potential customers look forward to those businesses that have a genuine recognition and so they prefer visiting About Us page of the site.

List Down Honest Testimonials

It is necessary to have a human touch to the products and services that your website offers. Majority of the users look forward to doing a business with those service providers who have honest testimonials on the website. This is the source for validation of the services provided by the businesses from the satisfied customers usually with the pictures to humanize them. This is important even with those businesses with whom you engage.

Displaying the NAP

Those who are new to the localized website services, they need to establish NAP across the web which refers to the Name, Address and Phone number. It is necessary that the NAP is accurate across different websites which reference this identifying information.

Thus, these are some of the most outstanding tips & tricks that must be implemented for optimizing landing pages, especially the local landing pages.

Author’s Bio: Ryan is a professional blogger and his interest lies in writing technical write-ups. In the above post, he is presenting some of the sure hot strategies to optimize the local landing pages.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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