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Web Designing Tricks To Make Your Website Professional

Powerful Web Designing Tricks To Make Your Website Professional

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Every year, hundreds of sites go online. Most of them win contests for the most disgusting sites. Only a few websites actually meet the needs of the targeted audience and rank well in Google or other search engines. Websites with bright pink text against the background of lime, cartoony flashing backgrounds, autoplay audio & video ads, too many redirects, 404 URLs, often disperse visitors. Due to the unpleasant experience, people don’t like to visit flawed websites once again and look for their alternatives. So, what are the web design tips you can use to make your website look professional? Let’s consider the below-mentioned recommendations:

1. Make Your Website Look Eye-pleasing

Generally, web designers add a lot of design elements to make their website look different from others. But, as advised by many experienced web designers, abandon using unnecessary web design elements if they don’t meet your needs. By exercising restraint, you can easily create a witty and advanced site with several skillful strokes. Always keep in mind that using a lot of bizarre techniques can make your site abstruse and delusional. A minimal web design will increase the likelihood that the graphic tinsel will not eclipse the displayed content and not force visitors into irritation to leave your site soon after landing.

2. Use Cool Pictures and Vigorous Texts

If the texts and photos are equally good on your website, then this is always a big plus for you. Just use blocks with pictures and texts, place them in any order, and see what happens. A good combination of cool pictures and vigorous texts make your website look appealing & help visitors to understand your business easily and effortlessly.

3. Fixed Header Should Be Used Properly

Most website owners make mistakes here. They want to make a fashionable page with a long scroll. But, at the same time, they also wish to make it convenient for users to navigate the site. They add a fixed header at the top of the screen. If you want to give your site an exceptional look, take a fixed header seriously. This element is visible to all that land on your website. So, it should look beautiful and comfortable.

4. Use Relevant GIF Animation

GIF Animation images are liked by everyone as they revive static pages and entertain users. So, web designers use them thoughtlessly on websites. The inappropriate use of GIF Animation images irritate customers and they leave your site immediately without reading its content or purchasing any premium product. Therefore, you should add GIF animation to a website only when its use is unavoidable.

5. Use Beautiful Hover-Effect Properly

As a web designer, Do you know that buttons and pictures can change and move at the moment when the user points at them with the mouse cursor? In fact, this is called the hover effect. This makes your website so beautiful and thoughtful that users love to hang around it at all the times. To add the hover effect to your website- go to the editor and click “Add” -> “Buttons and Menu” -> “Button with Photo”. Click on the appeared button twice and load two different photos in the settings panel.

6. A Beautifully Designed Landing Page

The lending pages of websites are created with a very specific goal – to inform the users of the necessary information and to make them switch over the proposed link. They must be simple, attractive, and easily understandable. Ask a web design company to create a beautiful landing page for your website. If you have excellent website building skills, you can easily perform the task yourself.

7. Typography

All web designers must keep in mind that Typography plays a big role in the formation of brand identity and acquisition of SEO ranking, leads, and sales. It determines how users will perceive your website or its pages. Generally, fonts are divided into 4 main categories-


Types of Fonts Brief Description
Antifiven fonts (Serif) These are serif fonts. Mainly they are used in books and periodicals. With the advent of high-resolution screens, web designers have started to use antiquity fonts on websites also. As they are easy to read. So, it is suitable for you if your website contains large amounts of text content.
Grotesque fonts (Sans Serif) These are sans serif fonts. They are Well suited for texts of small volume, headings and, narrow columns.
Decorative fonts These are fonts that mimic a historical style or decorative processing. They are suitable for dialing a small amount of text that requires complex decoration.


Handwritten fonts These are are fonts imitating handwriting or calligraphic style. They are used in the same way as decorative fonts.
Google Fonts It is a library of free fonts available for all. You can easily select the appropriate font and import it to your site at any time. Always adjust the size, font and line spacing while using Google fonts on your website.

So, depending on your specific needs, you can use any font to make your website look professional & attractive.

8. Appropriate Use of Videos

In the case of animation, a moving image on the page instantly captures the attention of users. In the same way, videos can be used on websites to tell a story, demonstrate products and services, show something that is difficult to tell (training videos), etc. Use background videos carefully as they reduce the site’s performance and do not deliver any additional information to users. If you still want to surprise users, consider using its alternatives, such as video animation, parallax, and cinematography.

As a matter of fact, Cinemagraph is a photograph, which makes a slight and infinitely repeated movement, and the rest of the image remains motionless. If you host a video on the site that plays automatically, then turn off autoplay audio to allow the user to decide for himself if he wants to turn on the sound or not.

Always keep in mind that a sudden loud sound scares not only the user but all those around him. As a web designer, you must always remember that Instead of a thousand words, a dynamic video is more effective because it helps users to easily understand the content and take further steps.

Final Words

In Spite of the availability of lots of websites on the web, visitors love to hang around only those websites that look attractive and professional. Just keep the above-mentioned recommendations in mind and make your website professional easily and effortlessly.

Stephen Chong works as a writer for Fonbell Solution, an IT firm offering web-based services such as Website Designing Singapore, online invoice software solution in Singapore. He would love to share the experience, knowledge, and thoughts with others on the web. For more blogs you can follow him on Linkedin.

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