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Optimize Your Social Media Accounts Using Best Methods

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Optimize Your Social Media AccountsThe speed with which advancement is going on each new day is remarkable, and along with it, the online world comes up with the latest trends and technologies to get updated. This is actually a symbol of improvement and the need of the era to sustain. Else, if you remain stable this will make your business rusted with no charm.

Social media is the most common trend in today’s time. But, only carrying an account and publish posts over it is not enough. Without any benefit, there is a much possibility of your brand damage. Here comes the need to optimize your requirements and generate maximized results. The excellent combo of free social media management tools saves your crucial time and helps to produce better results from social media marketing.

To choose the right social media management tools for your business demands a thorough understanding of your exact requirements. There is a long list, but you have to focus on your basic requirements and then choose the perfect one. It is simply the time to decide which tools can improve your business. There may be the chances that what you are already doing on social media is not worth and is not giving you deserving results. When you focus on the same, you will be able to choose the perfect social media management tool for your business.

There are several tools available in the market that you can use to manage your social media.

1. CyfeCyfe

Apart from being a rich social media management tool, it allows to connect all your social activities. Cyfe is an integrated dashboard that enables you to check the growth of SEO and social media. In Cyfe, you can run your task efficiently according to your wish and can easily create dashboards.

2. Buffer

BufferBuffer is another popular tool to manage social media accounts that lets you share content, schedule messages and even schedule posts for the entire day. It also enables engagement of people to your post and also provides analytics so that the viewers will reach to your post. This tool can sync major social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. It is a very simple yet effective tool for scheduling your posts and also lets you know when your audiences are online.

3. HootSuite

HootsuiteIt is an important social management tool which allows you to connect with various social media apps. It also helps to carry tasks like point system and custom URL shorter. After syncing your networks with this tool, you can add streams in the form of columns. Hootsuite is meant to schedule your content across multiple platforms, dashboard customization to display streams you need, and also to track keywords, influencers and trends.

4. SproutSocial

SproutSocialThis tool is beneficial to make long-lasting relationship with the customers. It is integrated with platform including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and even Zendesk and Salesforce. With its smart inbox option, all of the messages and alerts are gathered in a stream. It enables a reply option for the customer’s queries. It is one of the majorly used tools in the businesses of multiple sizes with varied needs.

5. Sendible

SendibleIt is a browser-based platform to compose and schedule the content for your social media accounts. The best part is that Sendible has a great scope of integration where you can generate, handle and publish the content by using the major platforms like WordPress, Blogspot and Dropbox. Here, all of your content can be managed from a single dashboard.

6. SocialOomph

SocialOomphIt is a striking tool which acts as a big source to manage the social media, majorly Twitter. It allows to optimally organize the twitter account and also enable you to schedule tweets for the whole day. SocialOomph also allows to merge other social media and enable to manage them.

7. Everypost

EverypostWith a black and white dashboard, this social media marketing tool helps to make your business flawless. It has a simple interface with exciting features to take out visual content from various sources and use them to create unique content. The left side menu is kept reserved for scheduling, archives and analytics.

8.  Followerwonk

FollowerwonkIt is an important tool to thoroughly analyze the reliability of your twitter account and effectiveness of your tweets. You can also focus on your followers to analyze when they are the most active and where they reside. For saving time, there is also an option to integrate it with Buffer which allows you to get updates when your followers are online.

9. MavSocial

MavSocialIt is a useful software with the basic aim to manage visual content. It offers reliable tools that can easily handle your social media accounts, i.e Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. The feature-rich campaign calendar of MavSocial lets you prepare a marketing campaign and allow to preserve your messages in an effective way. Moreover, you are able to create and publish customized reports containing graphics.

10. Rignite

RigniteThis tool is perfectly suitable for both small to big enterprises, and deliver positive results for eCommerce businesses as it can be integrated with Shopify to track sales. It also enables to group social media accounts which is of a great help for the agencies. There are tools with specific features which it offers for the activities like social media monitoring, coupon campaigns, analytics, engagement and also goal-oriented marketing.

11. TweetDeck

TweetDeckOne of the popular twitter management tools which is available for free with your Twitter profile. You can make the most from this tool by maintaining multiple accounts along with customization of your dashboard.


Following the social media is an integral part to gain sustainable growth of any business. A sound client interaction can be guaranteed if you make the efficient use of your social media accounts. This will, in turn, result into good traffic and better sales as well. Following the above social media management tools will help to a great extent in client engagement and brand management too. Practically, when you are investing in social media, you must get worth results in return. Making the use of these media tools is a smart effort to save your time and get expanded results.

Author Bio:

David Meyer is an expert website developer who is associated with CSSChopper from last few years. Apart from rich web development, he is also fond of writing informative content related to social media. His main focus is to generate ideas that can help in improving the performance of a website.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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  • PHP Progrmmers

    January 3, 2017 at 10:21 am

    There are large amount of tools available for managing the social media platforms, but we should utilize effective tools for our web applications . Cyfe is really an amazing tool and their all-in-one-dashboard makes it easy to bring in all the data. It is easier to use and create dashboards in Cyfe. Cyfe also help the marketers to efficiently run their tasks.


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