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15 tips to optimize your blogs for readers & search engines

15 tips to optimize your blogs for readers & search engines

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15 tips to optimize your blogs for readers & search engines

Lots of individuals simply are not taking the actions required to optimize their sites to both visitors and search engines. While blogs could be firm related (another site about mesothelioma anybody?) They may also be personal in which you speak about the fantastic noodle sandwich you had for lunch now or the crappy support you’d at the trendy restaurant each night.

However, whether your site is company or private, you need to make certain you’re optimizing your site for your visitors (after all, you would like to maintain those readers coming back) as well as the search engines. Regrettably, optimization is a significant thing that way too many sites appear to be leaping over, even the ones which have a wide appeal to customers and possess the capability to be monetizable.

But, optimizing a blog is somewhat different than your typical site search engine optimization (search engine optimization), particularly since most sites run off normal website platforms, or worse, operate as a hosted site on somebody else’s domain, and there are design problems which could be unique to sites which could affect your rankings. Also read What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO?

Let us face it, even when you but sadly for bloggers, not most of these fantastic blog designers can also be SEOs by commerce, which means that the website design you utilize could actually be damaging your search engine positions. Even though you might have a fantastic layout that appears fantastic for readers, new subscribers may not locate you if a site is not rank nicely in the various search engines.

15 tips to optimize your blogs for readers & search engines

Your site for the user experience, you make it simple for users to reunite and participate on your site without dealing with some of the hassles which may lead them to depart other websites or site entries.

Thankfully, if you’re on the situation to make your blog rank nicely while not endangering your customer’s experience on your website, there are things you can assess — and fix to protect against any indexing problems from happening, and making sure that your site a happy and healthy presence in the various search engines.

So this is information on how you’re able to optimize that site of yours for both the users and search engines without alienating the other.


1) Use Premium Templates

Hire a designer to create a special style for your site, or at the minimum, make the most of a number of the free templates offered and customize it somewhat with a special logo or a small color update.


2) Set RSS

Ensure you’ve got RSS available. Many hosted blogging solutions do not have RSS auto available, which means you’ll have to put in it. When you do put in it, make certain you have these RSS links in a clear place. Do not tuck them away in the very base of the index page following your latest 20 entries, or conceal them onto another “About Us” page. Put those useful subscribe links on your sidebar, which is precisely where folks will search for them. Should you use Feedburner now, take a peek at their new MyBrand alternative which lets you host your own feeds to get a smooth user experience.


3) Set RSS and Feed Subscription Buttons

Yes, when folks wish to sign up for a website, they will often search for this particular orange RSS logo in addition to the logos of the conventional aggregators such as Bloglines. So it’s well worth the time to bring the most well-known ones to your site so people can certainly do their one-click subscriptions into your feed with no require much effort on their own part. Should you make it difficult to register, most simply will not bother.

4) Fast Loading Speed

Another one of my favourite websites has such a slow reaction time once I click in the snippet in my RSS into the complete blog entry I just actually wind up waiting around for this to load about 10 percent of the time. Do not lose readers as your hosting company believes 30 minutes is a totally decent quantity of time to load up a webpage.

5) Utilize Decent Shade Schemes

Even though a sexy pink with lime green color scheme may be your preferred, contemplate what your readers will probably be anticipating. That color scheme may work flawlessly on a teenaged gossip website, but would seem really out of place since the corporate site for a men’s suit firm. Similarly, gamers would believe nothing of a black backdrop onto an Xbox 360 site, but it might seem horrendous on a maternity or parenting website. So while you must experiment with colors to locate a fantastic mix for your own blog, keep in mind consumer experience and their preferences.


6) Create Unique Content

When you compose first blog entries, rather than simply rehashing something somebody else has said, you raise the likelihood that somebody will find yours intriguing enough to connect to and speak about. And also a reader of the writer’s website may read the entrance and choose to write something about what you mentioned too, meaning still another connection too, and if you’re lucky, it is going to go viral, meaning suddenly it looks like every blogger on your niche area is speaking about everything you wrote.

This can get you more visitors for your entrances than simply using the default choice of adding the very first X number of words from the blog article since the snippet. Utilize your excerpts to create clicks and interest.

8) Pay attention to How You Write.

Among my favorite bloggers is the unfortunate habit of composing detailed long entries with no single paragraph break and also together with the double whammy of writing using a font size smaller than normal. If I look to get an instant, it’s a challenge to find my place in her 1000 term entries. Because of this, I really don’t read it as frequently as I’d love to, just because studying it’s such a painful experience.

9) Spelling Counts

Spelling can be worth mentioning. Insert one of the numerous spell checkers to your browser and conduct a fast spell check before you print your own entry. However, I get annoyed when I’m reading typo following typo after typo within an entry. And if it happens, I’ll unsubscribe from utter frustration.

10) Mention Anchor Text Ratio

When you connect to a person’s blog entry, or possibly a prior blog entry in your site, be sure to link nicely. This means rather than linking to a person’s blog entry together with the anchor text “click “, you connect to them with anchor text regarding the site entry, for example “Jason’s scoop about the new Widget Xbox 360 match”.

11) Edit Navigation

Can this site component of a bigger website, like a corporate site on a website for a significant company? Syndicate your current headlines in the sidebar to promote visitors on the primary website to check out the site too.

12) Email the Latest Blog Article

Offer articles via E-mail, The hottest service to perform this is Mailchimp, even though there are also lots of other applications available to get this done.

13) Have Descriptive Titles

Some blog software really makes your entrance titles look pretty repetitious from the search engine result pages, and could lead to a lower click over you could have experienced otherwise with optimized titles.

Unless you’re well known as an authority site in that current market, the website name is only squandering vital space at the start of the name tag and causing the remainder of the entry name to wind up getting truncated from the search results, and ensure that your titles really improve the entrance and do not leave the reader wondering what in the world the site entry may be around. Ensuring you’ve got good titles whenever you’ve got a small readership and are based on internet search engines to deliver you readers is among the very first actions you must take to maximize your site.


14) Post Regularly

Google enjoys updated new websites, therefore that it make sense to feed the bot exactly what it needs.


15) Share on Social Media

If you’re blogging about a story, join the first story along with other’s comment on the exact same topic. When you do this, you can frequently make those Bloggers conscious of your site’s presence (when they were not already) when peoples click in the site to theirs, and in addition, It increases the likelihood that they will.



Avani Shah is a Marketing Manager at Templatp Trip. She is a resident of India. Avani is also experienced In designing Prestashop Responsive Themes, WordPress Ecommerce Themes, Open Cart Themes. She also likes to share her thoughts, on SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development.


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