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In-depth analysis or study of Free Web Site Hosting offers


Affordable Web Site Hosting

On the web hosting marketplace, there is a trend called free web hosting and still in existence up-till date. I can remember that when I started the journey into the world of web site design and development, I used this free web hosting which I enjoyed because I don’t have to spend money. For what purposes can this so called free web hosting service be used for?

You will soon find out and finally I have a recommendation for reliable and yet affordable web hosting company you can reckon with when you are ready for serious business. Read on to the end and enjoy.

Free Web Hosting is for people Starting off their Carrier Newly as a Webmaster and people that are afraid of spending monthly fee for web hosting

When I started my training far back, I used this free web hosting to host my project. That time I used Netfirms Free Web Hosting. This free web hosting is nice for a small web site project. I typically begin with this free web hosting plan and later migrated to professional paid account. So if you are starting up a career as a webmaster or you are not read for monthly bills, I will advise you to start with free web hosting and later after gained more experience, then go for paid hosting which will give you more rooms to continue expanding your website project. I really enjoyed this free-of-charge web site hosting because it helped me to cut monthly bills but now it is no more ideal for me as an experienced web developer/designer. The reason for this is not far fetched – I cannot use free website hosting for a larger website project since it has so many limitations.

Here are some of limitations of free web hosting service

In actual sense, free web hosting is not ideal for business because of the limitations that accompany it. Free web Hosting normally come inform of Sub-Domain – this is domain under the main domain e.g. www.mrfresh.netfirms.com – you are advertising the company that gave you the free web hosting because the name of the company must always come before your own. Free web hosting has a limited web space making it impossible for you to host larger files. Some of the free web hosting denies you of uploading file through File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Let it be known to you that if your free web site hosting account remains inactive for more than one month, it will be immediately deleted to free up some space on the hosting service provider’s web hosting servers for other to enjoy the same free website hosting space.

Another limitation of free web hosting is that some of free web hosting companies advertise (banner or text ad) on your site and this banner will be sending traffic back to their website

Why do some Hosting Company Give out Free website hosting Space?

Here are some of the reasons why some companies’ give free web hosting solution to their potential customers. They use it to attract potential customers to their services. Some of these free web hosting companies put banner advertisements on your website pages to drive traffic. The ads on your site help the company to reach out to your website visitors. If you really think about it, not paying a monthly or yearly fee and having an adverts on your site in exchange is not such a bad deal, but in actual sense, you are the one loosing because they are converting your visitors back to themselves. Some hosting company, however, do not place banner ads on your websites, but they use it to make name for themselves.

Ask relevant Questions about Free Web Hosting

Here are some of the familiar questions people ask about free web hosting.

All these Free Web Hosting – are they really free?

Yes, numerous different companies proffer free web hosting services at no cost. However, a common impediment is that most of these free web hosting plans do not present enough features you require for your website and/or most of them place adverts on your website.

What can I actually do with free web hosting?

You can accomplish pretty much as you would do with a regular web hosting plan, except you are restricted by the amount of server resources. You have to bear in mind that common features such as PHP programming, MySQL databases, CGI scripts and FTP might not be available for you to use.

Your monthly bandwidth allowance might be limited as well – if you web has a substantial number of visitors, it will entail more bandwidth. The difficult part of this is that you might experience traffic spikes when least expected and be left with a sudden deficiency of resources. If traffic is valuable, make sure your free web hosting plan comes incorporated with sufficient bandwidth to support your recent and future traffic requirements.

Do all free web hosting providers force ads on my website?

Many, not all, free web hosting providers force you to place   ad banner advertisements and other annoying  elements on your website in barter for their free web hosting services. Most of the time, an upgrade to a remunerated (paid) plan is the only way to remove these ads.

Can I really upgrade my free web hosting plan to paid plan?

One of the best aspects of free web hosting plans is that the majority of web hosting providers will allow you upgrade your free plan to a new inclusive paid plan. If you are searching for a way to test drive a desired web hosting provider, you may really want to try free web hosting service with a company that offers the opportunity of upgrade or better yet, a smooth changeover.

What type of customer support should I be expecting?

One of the major setbacks of free web hosting services has been the need of support. It seems as if some companies are cutting costs in various areas to offer free services. So you should not expect number one customers support service from such company. They will never take you serious.

What are the recommended Hosting Companies to identify with?

When you are ready for serious business, there are few companies that stand out from the crowd that are ready at anytime of the day to support you and your business to grow faster. There is no doubt that there are hosting companies that will give you cheaper monthly bills but they will surely drag your business to nothing. I am speaking with experience – I subscribed for a reseller hosting with a local hosting company but nobody asked me to run, I decided to run even though the monthly bills was friendly to my pocket but enemy to my business. They continue going from one server to another until today.

I honestly recommend Hostgator web hosting company. Their service is top-notch and their customer service is simply waoh. Since I migrated my hosting to Hostgator I have peace of mind. Are you ready, go for value for your money, go Hostgator hosting.468x60-animated

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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