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Search Engine Optimization

Impact of Negative Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

With the increasing competition in the digital market, SEO has proven to be an efficient strategy to reach customers and grow your business. Before a couple of years, it was easy for websites coming on the first page search listing. Google’s back to back updates to prevent spam and filter the best possible results according to the search phrase changed things about SEO. People used negative SEO tactics to come on the first page, but if something wrong is found Google now penalizes highly to the spam websites. The popular search engines have placed certain terms and guidelines to term the tactics of Search engine optimization. If an organization does a little bit different out of the guidelines, it will get a penalty and sometimes it could be entirely wiped out from search engines (specifically from Google). In order to build more back links, people sometimes generate the wrong links to the site. The worst result of this can mislead to a sales dry up. What we should know about negative SEO is the black hat technique to sabotage search engine rankings, but the end result is devastating. Building online presence means getting more customers and more business. If that does not come in the end, then there is no reason to be present online.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Many companies are out there, who are the victims of negative SEO even without any wrong doings. Competitors try to affect their contemporaries and practice negative SEO for others. They try to build poor quality links to a competitor’s website and Google notifies it immediately. When this is found out, that website becomes the culprit and it has to pay for the wrong without doing anything. Building false representation that is out of your business perspective using the libel of bad backlinks is very bad. If any visitor comes to your website and find wrong information, they will never come back to see your service again. The negative SEO is done by distributing content by copying it, spam link building, website hacking, creating fake social profiles, targeting bad keywords not relevant to that business, and removal of good backlinks. The pessimistic techniques, threats an entire business system, its sales and generating very less business. One can not even trace such bad activities. If you are the one doing wrong link building techniques with paid linking services, and stealing other’s content, then you should ignore such process. When you are getting malicious attacks, there are very difficult ways to remove the links.

Using Google’s webmaster tool, that is cost free, detect the spammy links and you will find out from where the links are coming. You have to reach each website owner of the spammy websites and ask them to remove the links. Some of them may ask for money. Clarify Google about the unwanted links. Even if all the processes do not work out, change the domain and launch the business in a different domain name. It will give a fresh start to the business. So, always focus on building high quality links.

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