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How to succeed with Comparison Shopping Engines selling

How to succeed with Comparison Shopping Engines selling?

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) are rapidly developing thus contributing to a steady growth of e-commerce globally. In recent years CSEs have become one of the pivotal tools to attract target audiences to e-stores.

The recent study by Volusion has revealed some interesting statistics that will convince any online merchant to pay more attention to working with CSE. For example, according to the study 65% of shoppers online spend 15+ minutes on comparison of products on shopping engines. Customers using CSE are twice as likely to convert as those who don’t. And finally, in 2012 the average Return-on-Investment rate from work with CSEs was 3.7.

In order to make links with CSEs profitable for your store, you need to keep the product data optimized at all times. In this regard, there are a few easy steps to follow:

1. Use clear and vivid titles and description for your products.

Only relevant and necessary information should be presented, i.e. brand name, type, size and color, etc.

2. Provide high quality product images.

This will make your items look more attractive and clear to a customer. No logos or watermarks are acceptable.

3. Make product attributes comprehensive.

The more product details a visitor can learn from the feed, the more likely he is to convert.

4. Promote special offers.

Let the feeds tell your customers about sales, exclusive offers and other benefits they can take advantage of when shopping at your store.Make your advantages stand out!

 As you can see, managing product feeds for CSE is a great deal of work. That is why thousands of merchants use special extensions in order to attract customers doing Google shopping to their magento stores. Such software allows you to generate, both automatically and manually, an unlimited number of product feeds and keep them up to date. You can also save much time using product feed templates and configuring them according to requirements of different CSEs. As a result, you get an unlimited access to the well-targeted audiences who are already looking for products that you sell.

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