How To Cherry-Pick The Best Website Theme For Your Business?

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According to Amit Kalantri who is a famous Indian writer and mentalist: “For customers, a website is an ‘always open’ workplace of your business.” So, in order to make it influential, it’s essential to cherry-pick the best website theme for your business.

You can take the help of a professional web development company who can build an impressive website that has the potential to enhance the users’ experience. But before that, you have to select the theme which defines the overall feel, look, and style of your website.

It can be an overwhelming task as there are several paid and free options available from which you can choose the best in accordance with your specific business requirements. It’s not a good idea to pick from pre-built website themes but you should create a fresh customized theme that can give your website the cutting edge it needs to stand apart from the crowd.

In order to pick the best website theme best suited to your business needs, consider the following five factors that can help you to serve the purpose efficiently.

  1. Keep It Simple & Straightforward

Earlier, there was a trend to make websites extremely loud and fully loaded fancy features and flash animation. But this is not the case now. Today, entrepreneurs prefer to keep their sites as simple as possible, often developing with Python as the programming language. They incorporate flat designs with a minimalistic approach.

The navigation of your website should be easy and straightforward. The users should not face difficulty in finding the information they need. Your website should encourage the visitors to take the desired call-to-action and should be fully optimized to function smoothly on mobile devices.

For instance, you can evaluate the website of the popular musical group Team10. They have incorporated an effective design strategy to build their site. It’s brilliantly simple and easily provides the visitors with the information they are looking for. Also, it has a flat design and specific features that are appropriate to represent that particular brand.

  1. Availability Of Developer Support

This factor isn’t considered by most of the people when picking a theme for their website. Irrespective of which platform you choose, you have to upgrade your theme to be in sync with the regular updates and changes that are happening on that particular platform because of security issues and feature changes.

Whether you are using a theme from WordPress or Shopify, you need to upgrade the theme of your website so that to prevent it from getting obsolete. When choosing a website theme, make sure to focus on the information provided about the developer as well as all the updates that have been made for that particular platform. Also, you should evaluate customers’ reviews and ratings in order to verify the credibility of a particular theme.

Themes that have been in existence for a long time and have gone through several updates shows that the developers are striving hard to make them better. For example, you can look at one of the most popular WordPress theme, Newspaper, which has over 57,000 sales and is updated regularly. You can click here and scroll to the bottom to review all the updates made each time. This is an ideal example of a theme with exceptional developer support.

  1. Mobile Responsive

The majority of today’s website themes are responsive to mobile devices, but that does not essentially mean that they all provide an excellent mobile experience. It is easier for websites pass Google’s mobile test, but even then they are not appropriate for smaller screens.

You should always choose a theme that is highly flexible and adaptive in its nature. For instance, explore this contact us page on a laptop, desktop, or a mobile. You can see that the form has several steps, but its visually appealing and users can fill it effortlessly from any device.

Now if you review the same page on a mobile, you can notice that there is a “Click To Call” button on the extreme top of the page. It allows site visitors to make immediate contact without scrolling much. When scrolling down they can find a contact form which is more user-friendly for mobile users. In addition, most of the website themes give you a demo before you purchase them. Therefore, make sure to check them on mobile and tablets as well.

  1. Extensive Plug-ins, Apps, & Extensions

It is not possible to use a particular website theme in its stock version. You have to customize it to add unique features so that to convert more traffic into leads. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate that the platform offers different plug-ins, apps, and extensions in order to enhance your site.

For example, Shopify has several apps, WordPress has over 54,000 plug-ins available, and Woocommerce offer extensions that can improvise a website. You should choose the platform in accordance with your specific business needs. With the help of these plug-ins and extensions, you can easily manage download offers without any coding expertise.

  1. Cross-Browser Compatibility

You should test your website theme on all the major web browsers. It becomes more important when you are considering a theme that hasn’t been recently updated. Rigorous testing will help you in identifying that your website has the potential to work seamlessly across multiple devices, operating systems, and browsers. You can use the free tool named Browser Shots which can help you in checking how your website performs across multiple platforms.

These are the top five factors that you should consider when choosing an appropriate theme for your website. Also, with the help of these tactics, you can develop a perfectly built site that is specifically tailored to suit the needs of your business and the target audience.

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Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea, a custom software development company helping entrepreneurs and businesses build successful web and mobile apps. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.

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