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How Quora Established itself as a World’s Knowledge Bank?

What is Quora?”

It’s the kind of question and answer platform that looks quite genuine. Very clear the question will also be found on the other sites too, but yes Quora will be in good search ranking.

Quora is a simple question-and-answer site. What you want to search, you just need to type in the search box, if someone has already answered it, and then their answers will be visible down.

You will see the answers as much useful they are so that you can track the best contributors.

Hottest Q/A platform:

If you are writing and reading lover, then surely you can’t miss this platform. A number of hot topics, FAQ, no matter about the topic, spread the words. You can ask the question; answer any question, upvote (whichever content you like), downvote (disliked content), comment etc. It is a very interesting platform that has many benefits too.

Rules and Regulations

  • Questions should be sincere attempts to obtain reusable information
  • Questions should be clearly written
  • Questions should comply with Quora site policies
  • Questions are viewed as community property
  • Question details should be used to provide context for a question
  • Answer should be in complete English, without any grammatical mistake.
  • Quora might collapse your answer sometime in case: If the answer duplicate or the answer violates its policy and answer needs some kind of improvement.

How, When and Why Quora started?


Quora was founded by two earlier Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. D’Angelo resigned from his position at Facebook in January 2010 to create Quora.

Starting and growth:

  1. Adam D’angelo aimed to impact more on world. Why he left facebook? It was already an established business and he thought that if he will start something new, this will be going to have much impact.
  2. Adam realized that there is no such site that provided detailed information. This gap he completed with Quora by putting as much interesting and valuable stuff he can.
  3. Both the founders actually started working secretly on Quora in June 2009 but they released in public in 2010.
  4. Exactly after a year they released it, as per Wikipedia.
  5. By January 2011 Quora had 500,000 Users, a big achievement for the founders that people were so keenly taking interest in it.
  6. Quora raised $11 million in series (funding) in march 2011.
  7. Then on September 2011 Quora released its mobile app for iphone users but a year later for Android users.
  8. Quora got $50 million series B funding till the mid of 2012. And in notes Adam D’angelo invested $20 million of his own money in that round.
  9. As per the estimates Quora valued for above $2 billion dollars, and being a quora user I can really feel its growth.

How it attracted more users/ how it got popular?

Well garnering of traffic is one point on Quora but as we all know that Facebook is the king of social media site but now a day it stands nowhere less than any other site. In fact it is offering top views and interesting subjects to read.

Well Quora is itself very beneficial even if your profile is not attaining much engagement as; it makes you a good reader and learner. Quora holds massive source of referral traffic, in one answer you can fit effective links to get potential benefit out of it.

Engagement: Engagement on site does depend on the quality work you perform. If you posted genuine content and detailed your content with genuine information then surely your site will be enjoying best traffic.

Engagement is an important metric for any profile. Your business can even improve if it signals more hits, high interests and add a sort of revenue to your business. When your profile is active with all more relevant questions, topics and people then people will be more actively engaged on it.

  • Videos: Most of the people don’t love to read rather they understand by just looking out the videos. Many people think that adding videos may decrease people interest on their site but instead it increases.

People with their content post relevant videos which makes it more relevant for its readers to understand it. When they will spend more time then it will be automatically beneficial for you only.

  • Pictures: Yes a kind of supplement of videos is pictures. Adding pictures makes your content more informative. Basically adding pictures adds on the interest of viewers to your content.

Adding relevant pictures and info graphs also makes your content appearance more attractive. And adding relevant pictures which can describe the content through it makes the content more genuine.

  • Easy signup: This is like the most interesting part as you might have signed up for other sites and it takes long- long process to sign up. But it just includes few small steps or even you can log in with your Gmail and Facebook account.

It is just the matter of 2mins I guess. Then you can ask questions or simply answer other question. You can also follow the people and pages to know more updates and likely to increase your account activeness.

  • More relevant topics and pages: The best part for any social media is being relevant. Relevancy is the most important factor as it decides your site success. If you are adding worth information, worth collection then surely your site will only and only boost. You can also attain good information about Indian Real Estate Godrej Project.

What startups can learn from quora?

There are undoubtedly numbers of users of Quora who are fetching benefits this or that way. Quora has generated lot of attention not just because of the slick interface but because of the extremely high quality question and answers.

It is very normal these days that whatever you ask on Google you will get the link of Quora on 3 or 4 rank or sometimes even on the 1 rank. Yes this is because of the relevancy that the site is giving complete and worth info.

Moreover, your personality grows here when people came to know about you and the relevant content you share. Basically, you can get popular, for ex. If you have attained more than 50k views and 100 followers than surely you have started growing on it.

Increase in knowledge is also a big factor, suppose if you ask which the best property in Noida is? Then you will get the answers like Godrej The Suites.

Conclusion: All I can say is that, it is the best platform which has gained lot of success in few years and till now it is on everyone’s mouth.

There are numerous good questions and answers on politics, current events, health, education, their analysis- both on national international sphere. Start now and try to spend more time on reading those. Get yourself in discussion with other Quorans.

If you want to change the world’s perspective about India, if you want voice your opinion about something to the world. Hit to Quora, this is the best place. Because here people will read and think over about what you said rather than giving racist, makes-no-sense comments.


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