Growing Your Fashion Blog Using Instagram Account — Some Actionable Tips to Succeed!

Social media is the most effective digital marketing platform for all sorts of businesses, and when it comes to the dominant industries like fashion and beauty, it becomes more critical.  Facebook surely has a market share as a personal mode of communication, but when it comes to images and visual expressions, Instagram has its own share in fashion networking.

If you own a fashion blog as a part of your beauty care of accessories business, the best platform to explore for brand promotions and follower building is Instagram, which puts forth many unique ways to take your offerings to potential consumers.

Tips to establish a fashion-centric Instagram account

In fact, there is no such magic formula to get millions of Instagram followers overnight. You may hear many random digital marketing services offering you this, but most of the times, these too good to believe offers are fake and fraudulent. In fact, if someone tried to artificially boost the number of followers for the sake of sheer numbers, they will put you in trouble as such actions will soon be traced and blacklisted by the social media platforms and search engines.

To succeed in Instagram campaigns, you need to know ways to connect with real people in your target group to deliver compelling and authentic content in a meaningful way to get leads and tangible results.

The primary Instagram marketing rules are to be consistent, goal-oriented, and authentic. The best possible mode of operation is to find the potential followers from existing communities and share engaging and informative content, which further motivates them to follow you and felt compelled to share your stories with their contacts too.

To jumpstart with Instagram, some quick tips are:

  • Develop a clear-cut promotional strategy for Instagram.
  • Make your account easily discoverable.
  • Be consistent in posting.
  • Always be updated and right in time with posts.
  • Take extra care to make compelling captions for relevant images.
  • Prepare an excellent profile and bio.
  • Tag others (followers or influencers) appropriately
  • Run engagement activities like contests and surveys.
  • Be alive and active with Instagram stories and videos.
  • Regularly engage with the existing communities.
  • Consider advertising to supplement the general promotional efforts.
  • Not just to get likes, but also take the initiative to like other’s photos in your niche.
  • Stick to a seasonal or trendy fashion theme for your images.
  • Create your own hashtag and try to popularize it.
  • Request your loyal customers to follow you on Instagram.
  • Be choosy in posting images people can relate to.
  • Make logical use of relevant and popular hashtags
  • Try to ask questions too as photo captions to increase engagement.
  • Keep on looking at Instagram insights and update strategies from time to time as needed.

Some crucial considerations to make

As discussed earlier, it is not an overnight achievement to build your repute on Instagram and get followers for Instagram as there is a high competition out there and get noticed by the potential followers needs quite a strenuous effort. Let’s further discuss a few more actionable tips to try promoting your Fashion blog on Instagram.

  1. Content is everything

Always be choosy and diligent about your posts. On a platform like Instagram, you may want your pictures to speak on your behalf. On clicking your feel, people may see the first nine photos. The people who are new to your page will not follow you further if they find these contents boring. Relevant pictures only keep your followers to explore more from you.

  1. Engage effectively

Make use of social media for a reason. You need to engage with others in your specific niche efficiently. You can quickly make some virtual friends. Try to show your appreciation and admiration towards and then you can surely expect it in return. Also, making some besties on this platform will also allow you to bounce your ideas off as sampling and see how those work with others.

  1. Geotag and Crosstag

You may already know how to do hashtag research and efficiently use them to reach potential followers. However, you never really know where people used to search for images. Sometimes, they may be looking at the photos tagged under the Polo Instagram feed or simply someone who stitches Abercrombie sweaters.

You can also tag such accounts to report fashion posts, i.e., @stilkolik or @ootd_channel. There are hundreds of such crosstags which may give you better hope of line up in hopes of a re-post. Thinking of geotags, you may come across plenty of options relevant to your location as like #NewYorkboots or #OhioWinerwear.

  1. Mention the price

If you are a fashion blogger trying to gather interested people in buying things you are trying to promote, it is more helpful to the users if you mention pricing too. Most of the intentional followers of fashion tags on Instagram are pure consumers with a keen interest of buying what they like, and there is nothing wrong in providing with maximum info all at one place to take instant decisions.

  1. Considering reposting those that did well

There is no rule like you cannot re-post your pictures at a later day. If you have witnessed any picture getting more than 1,000 likes or so, it is ideal to repost it after a while to let the followers know about its popularity and also for those who have missed it out previously.

Like any other social media platforms, Instagram too is all about engaging with the existing communities and building it up. Social listening is an ideal approach to uncover opportunities on such platforms and horn your promotional campaigns accordingly. You need to join relevant conversations with the successful Instagram’ers who already have a loyal community following and learn from them.

Instagram ads also now put forth a useful and powerful opportunity to reach to new potential followers. This premium service takes your content directly to people in your prospective followers who may not see it otherwise. You have to scope of sharing such ads to the targeted audience based on your preferences in terms of geographical location, demographics, priorities, connections, and also the critical online behaviors and interests.

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