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Effective eCommerce Navigation For Your Store To Boost The Sales 

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eCommerce SalesWhat makes e-commerce a great success? Although there are many answers to this question, ‘Navigation’ is one of the most prominent ones. The products you offer must be easy to find. It shouldn’t be buried deep down in your website. Your e-commerce site should be convenient for your customers. 

Website design is made up of several different components. A design should be innovative, attractive, and user-friendly. Even a small error in the navigation can significantly affect your customer’s experience.

Today we will dive deep into the navigation of a website, and how it can be handy in boosting the sales of your online store.

How To Make Navigation Effective?

In this section, we will focus on different ways and tips to make the most out of your navigation.

  • Offer Minimum Clicks

Your aim should be to make things easier for your customers. They shouldn’t face any issues while searching for any product. The “site search” must be effective, so that they can come and directly search for a product they were looking for. Your search option shouldn’t be several clicks away. It can make your customer turn away from you. Hence minimize the clicks, and make the process as simple as possible.

  • Parent Categories

The navigation bar along with the parent categories should be right on the top. You must assure that it is visible to the customer. Categories should be named using some useful keywords. You can use GOOGLE ADWORDS to find easily searchable words that can be added to the navigation bar. It will provide a better experience to your customers and will boost your ranking in search engines.

Make sure that the keywords you are using are relevant to your e-commerce. Also adding sub-categories will enhance the user experience. It refines the search and gives them a shallow option from which they can easily choose.

  • Sub-categories

Subcategories make it even easier for the customer to directly land on the page they were looking for. It filters options and helps you in saving space on your homepage. IT can be introduced on your site by a hover method. You can add dropdown menus with the parent categories which will make it more specific. This expanded subcategory menu can also be used to display ongoing offers on your website. This will surely provide better metrics and conversion rates.

  • hover-based navigation

Hover-based navigation is often discouraged. But for an e-commerce website, it can be very useful. You can make it even more effective by adding links to the top. It should be an active link to category landing pages.

Also, headers can be converted into active links. It looks very effective and time-saving, still very few sites use these tactics.

  • Don’t Overdo

Although it might sound appealing to create completely unique website navigation. It can be a bad idea. You should try to follow the conventional navigation and designs. Navigation should be at the top or at the left most of the website. Keeping a hidden menu will rather be a better option as it can be functional on mobile, tabs, and desktops.

  • Discounts

Discounts, sales, or a special offer is a great way to attract customers. But if it is not visible, your customers can’t know about it. So to make it visible, you can mention it on the navigation bar. It will then be seen and will be very effective.

  • Clear Search Bar

A prominent search bar is always a great way to enhance navigation on your site. Your search bar should be clearly seen, try to place it at the top of the page. Try adding creative phrases rather than sticking to a generic ‘search’ prompt. Don’t integrate your search bar with its surrounding, it will compromise the effectiveness of your search bar.

An autocomplete option is always a good deal. It helps customers to save their time and they can easily get their hands on what they were looking for. It will also help customers who aren’t able to spell the right word. This will give them a great user experience.

  • Highlight New Arrivals

If your brand has repeat customers who now have made some purchases using your e-commerce and are aware of your company info. Having a ‘new arrival’ category in your navigation bar will make them believe that you keep updating your stock. Many successful brands use this tactic to attract their regular customers and increase the conversion rate. If your e-commerce is selling seasonal items, then it could be a handy tool for you.

  • Constant Navigation

A new customer landing directly on your product or category page through a link shouldn’t have any difficulty in surfing around. It doesn’t matter where they are, navigation should be constant so that customers can easily get to a product irrespective of their position on the website.

  • Content

Your content should be effective and appealing. A customer will buy a product from a site with better content, even if they have relatively higher prices. You should focus on connecting with your customers for a longer time period. It is quite amazingly done by amazon SEO services Read more info.

  • Carousel?

The carousel can be commonly seen in e-commerce. It can promote several items without taking much space. But it has some negative points too like it can take away the attention from other major features, they are often too quick to be noticed. You can still check it on your website.

  • Visuals

You can use images or videos of your products to make them more appealing to consumers. This will make them stop and they will surely spend more time on your site. Addin such media can also increase the conversion rate.


Here were some tips that can boost the sale of your online store and can make your brand a great success. You can use these tips to make the navigation of your site easy and stable. In case of any commotion, you can visit here again.

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