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Common Web Design Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Mistakes are a part of human nature. It is not possible for an individual to completely avoid mistakes. A wise person once said; mistake makes people more human, so if you did something wrong try to learn from it.

While designing a blog or a website for seo, you easily commit a range of design errors that you find so silly after rectifying. During the designing process, web designers often make common mistakes and they don’t even have an idea where they are going wrong. However, it is important to detect any issues before the site launches. You must correct all the potential website designing mistakes to create a fine web site.

Here are some common mistakes that web designers often make and slips to identify:

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  1. Most of the time, designers make the homepage seems cluttered which makes your front page look very messy and congested. To avoid this thing, you should make it look more spacious so that every visual element can attract attention to it.
  2. Make sure the text is in the right format and viewers can read it easily. Absence of lists, subheadings and short paragraphs can make your text more conjugating.
  3. Excessive advertisements can make your users leave the page and low your website’s quality.
  4. The lack of a search box can create a hustle. The viewer needs to look up for relevant things promptly and to do that they need quick navigation.
  5. Links that open in a new window makes your site look more traditional.
  6. The About Us page plays an important role while designing a website. To attract viewers you must tell something interesting and catchy that can make your audience stay on the page. Avoid post lame stories, just go with the flow and explain who you are.
  7. Avoid technical issues as they can affect your brand image. A low-quality website can convince people that your brand might offer poor-quality product or services.
  8. People get irritated from scrolling down one page to another. It increases the chances that visitor might skip the pages altogether.
  9. Missing contact information can be the worst mistake to do. If you forget posting your contact information then how the customers will approach you? You must add all your relevant contact details to make people but from you.
  10. Avoid unnecessary questions or form as they can bother the visitors.
  11. Most of the time the links you mention does not lead the customers to the relevant content. Your time is important and so your customers’. It’s ideal to prioritize showing all the relevant searches.
  12. It immediately irritates users where the videos are on auto-play mode.
  13. Try to simplify the URL structure as it will become easier for both people and search engines to find you.
  14. White space can make your website look empty. You should avoid adding too much white. Instead of white you can use different colors or add some content to fill up the empty spaces.

To create a perfect website, it’s ideal for you to avoid all these common mistakes and you are good to go.

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