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Choose a better Hosting plan for your Ecommerce Site

Best website hosting provider? Well, as per personal experience and after many surveys, the vote goes to Bluehost. When it comes to web hosting, the things which has to be taken care of is whether it is fast, secure, reliable and gives the best customer support or not. The services come in all different forms….


How Does Web Hosting Affect Page Load Speed?

Page loading speed continues to be a hot topic in the UX and SEO.Even today, there are still incorrect or incomplete instructions on page speed.You can optimize your site and cache everything you need.However, if your web host sucks, it has nothing to do with your web design. In my opinion, you rely entirely on…

Is Hybrid Cloud the best of both the Private and Public Cloud?

Is Hybrid Cloud the best of both the Private and Public Cloud?

Cloud storage services are a constantly developing field. As new and new businesses are emerging working over new technologies, the requirement of secure cloud storage is emerging. Till now private and public cloud services were all over the place. They were ruling the market of cloud storage services, but here comes the hybrid cloud hosting…

Types of Web Hosting and How to Choose the Best

Web hosting is critical for getting your website live online. There are different types of web hosting available in the market with various plans. For a beginner, it can be challenging to identify and select the right one. In this article, we will shed light on web hosting and its types. We will also cover…

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How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Company?

If you own a business, then you’ll need a business website. So, if you want to survive on the web, you need a live website, and for that, it means looking for a good web hosting company. And not just an excellent hosting company will do your job. You’ll need a great web design in…

From Views on Ethical Coding to Favorite and Dreaded Languages, Stack Overflow Gets Inside Developers’ Heads

In January 2018, Stack Overflow, the Q & A website for developers, handed out their eighth annual developers’ survey, with 100,000 people – mainly developers – responding, the highest engagement to date. Representing industries as diverse as web development, fin-tech and IT consulting services, the results provided a fascinating insight into the developer community as…

Here Is How Hybrid Cloud Hosting Is Different from The Rest

What is hybrid cloud hosting? As the name suggests, hybrid cloud hosting is an integrated service using both private and public cloud with on-premises infrastructure. It involves mixed computing and storage facilities so specific functions within an organization can be performed more cost-efficiently. Technically, it integrates the benefits of both public and private clouds according…

Ultimate Guide to Understanding HTTP Status Codes

The HTTP protocol was first introduced in the early 1990s to create a connection between websites and browsers, forming a communication for web traffic that remains a standard thirty years later. While HTTP has been a foundational tool for internet browsing since before the internet became an at-home staple, let alone something users now carry…

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