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12 Advantages Of Web Development and How You Can Make Full Use Of It

Nowadays everything is just a click away, be it a solution to the problem, a source of information, to buy or sell a product, business-related or for personal usage. Besides the regular sources of information like people, newspapers, books the go-to solution for people of all the generation across all the world is the internet….

Web Design and Coding – A Few Basics for You to Know Before Hiring the Service

If you are a business owner or planning to develop your own website for any purpose, in the highly competitive online market scenario, it is essential to develop a stunning and effective website at the first point. You need a website, which is not only attractive at the first look, but also has all functional…


Top 7 SEO Hacks for WordPress Site You Should Know

WordPress is unquestionably the most preferred content management system across the world – half of the websites that run on a CMS make use of WordPress. The ever-increasing popularity of the WordPress CMS is because of the tons of customization possibilities it provides by offering a plethora of themes and plugins. Another great benefit of…

HTML5 Mobile Framework

HTML5 Mobile Framework: Reasons to consider

HTML5 Mobile Framework: Reasons to consider Smartphone itself is quite revolutionary. From a user point of view, it has been absolutely enthralling. And, once something managed to fetch the attentions of users, expectations are obvious to grow, and so the efforts. That’s the reason coders have now got something new other than the conventional platforms…


Create Beautiful Typography Effects Through jQuery and Pure CSS3

Create Beautiful Typography Effects Through jQuery and Pure CSS3 Web fonts play a significant role in creating a foundation for beautiful and usable websites. Typography is an essential component of a website, and it’s justifiably so because much of the content available on the site is typography. Having a considerable knowledge of it allows designers…


Modern CSS: The Exciting Future of Web Style

Just a few years ago, people in the technology industry might have said that cascading style sheets (CSS) were a minor factor in web design. You needed to know a little bit about how to use CSS, but there was no need to be an expert on the topic. Your time, they would have told…

Graphic Design Mistakes you should Avoid

Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

Graphics designing is a very important field that comprises of using texts and graphics to connect with the audiences and is evolving every single day. The most successful websites today are the ones that thoughtfully utilize designs that are based on latest technology and have brilliant design aesthetics. The following are some common mistakes made…

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