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Candy Crush Saga: Helpful Tips – Technology

Games are all meant for providing pleasure to all and there are different types of games which are played all over the world. They include indoor games and also outdoor games. Among the indoor games, video games are credited with the title of the most popular among the rest. From the time when it started to the present hour, its popularity enjoys a prestigious position in the gaming industry. Candy crush saga is a video game which gained wide popularity among the face book users. It is now played by within the social networking site and also by downloading it in android phones. Its easy access increases its user circle and remains a place among the top games in the industry. Along with the gaming industry there is another wing of it which gained rapid growth which is none other than the cheat codes. They are pets of gamers and they serve the players in so many means. Cheat for candy crush is also available in leading websites. Here are some of the tips which will be helpful for a beginner in candy crush saga.

  • About matching the candies

It is a game played by matching three or more cadies of same colour to crush them which will provide points in the game. Matching up three candies is the basic move of the game. If the player is possible to match more than three candies of same colour, it results in the formation of power candies which are special candies and a bonus to the game when exploded. When four candies are matched up, striped candies are formed which when crushed further will help to clear the board vertically or horizontally. When five candies are matched, a colour bomb is formed which when matched with any candies will clear up all the candies of the specific colour.

  • Always keep an eye on the number of turns

It is a commonly done mistake by the candy crush players that they concentrate on generating special candies and will lose attention on the number of moves remaining. The games will provide the players with a specific number of turns and it varies from level to level. So it is very important to be aware of the number of turns remaining. Also it is not good to waste the turns by concentrating on forming new combos.

  • Some basic tips

–          Sugar crush: – this is a special phenomenon. It happens when there are moves remaining or when there are any special candies remaining. With the sugar crush, the player will be rewarded with bonus scores followed by a sequence of self crush of the candies which is very interesting.

–          Charms: – charms are permanent in the game. It means that once you buy a charm, it always remains yours.

–          Lives: – to know about the life is a basic part of the game. It will have 5 lives in total. The game starts with providing you five lives.

–          Making use of cheat for candy crush is also helpful.


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