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Blogging is becoming more essential for businesses

Blogging is becoming more essential for businesses

A professional website has now become a must for a business in almost any industry. However, some businesses have not started a blog, or have not paid enough attention to this outlet yet. A certain fact is, in 2015 and many years to come, a blog will become an essential part of online marketing.

Content marketing in blog posts

Traditional advertising outlets are now become more and more outdated. If companies get a good return on banners and sidebar advertisements, they no longer get the same result in today’s market. The truth is, consumers are now more and more aware of advertising posts. We are all getting better at choosing to ignore advertisement. The increasing popularity of adblock software makes it even harder to reach potential customers via banner ads.

Blogging is becoming more essential for businesses
Blogging is becoming more essential for businesses

Therefore, content marketing has now gained much attention. Copywriters are now honing their skills and are forced to learn more about the products and services they are writing about. A customer will easily detect a sale pitch and never look back. However, if the content is of value to the reader, he or she will not only read, but also share the content with others. Content marketing is a great way for businesses to introduce their products or services, while offering value to attract and obtain potential customers.

SEO friendly strategy

One major factor that search engines look at is how often the site is update. Even with a killer-web site, a business cannot leave it at that and rest assured that their site will always rank well. By having a blog and keeping it updated, they will be able to generate new content and keep the site updated. That will be a major plus to help improving the site SEO value. Plus, when a customer comes to the website, he or she will be more likely to stay and browse around if there are new posts and constantly updated content.

Partnering up via guest posts!

SEO is hardly a lone-man’s game. A major part of it is getting backlinks from other sites. Having a good blog is a great way to do that. Build a content-rich blog, attract a lot of readers, and eventually people will reach out asking to submit a guest post to the site. Marketers can also reach out to others. People are more likely to say yes to exchanging link if the site in question is legit with quality content. If the site is outdated, or has too little content, most other sites will be more likely to turn down the guest post request or any other collaborative proposal.

A low-cost part of customer service

Instead of having customers call in for help on the same issues again and again, why not create a blog post with frequently asked questions or concerns? Having a highly technical products that most people are reluctant to try? Explain more about the concepts of the products in a blog post. Need idea to improve the service, or even created extra value? Hold a poll and ask your customers directly in your next post. At the end of the day, a blog is a mean of communication. Having a blog can help business communicate to their customers more effectively. Plus, the cost of having a blog is much cheaper than operating a full scale phone center.

Most businesses need to realize that blogging can benefit their businesses in many ways. Unlike advertisement, blogging is not only about making the sale, but also about keeping the same customers coming back or even referring other customers to the same businesses. It’s not about earning a quick return but about creating a long term relationship with clients and provide better communication. The added perks of improving page rank can also be the icing on the cake.


Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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