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100 “Original” Ideas For A Website Theme Design

For visual designers, painters, artists, illustrators, inertial designers, motion designers, graphic designers, web designers or web design companies,choosing a wordpress theme to build their online portfolio can be quite confusing in the face of hundreds of wordpress themes available. Here we will discuss some of the most innovative and creative themes, which is liked by…

Why Graphic Designers Need To Master UX

Graphic design is a process by which visual communication as well as problem-solving is done. It is done by using Typography, photography and illustrations. Graphic design is a type of communication design and visual communication.  Graphic designers are the one who creates and combine symbols, images and texts in order to form a visual representation…

6 BigCommerce Design Tips for Better eCommerce Websites

If you are thinking to open a Big Commerce store and start offering or already had a Big Commerce store for some time, how new is your store? Do you get a great deal of listing perspectives and visitors? Or on the other hand, is your Big Commerce store design somewhat flat? There are a…

How To Use Graphic Design As A Tool To Promote Your Brand

A memorable graphic design goes a long way in promoting your business effectively. People take buying decisions based on the visuals they see about your products and services in advertisements and on different branding material. If your marketing materials like logos, websites, business cards and stationery are memorable, they may help you build brand recognition….

5 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress Site For Mobile

Most merchants have created a site, which is suitable for viewing on laptops and tablets. However, very few must have optimized their site so that it is visible through a smart phone. As per Google figures, 61% of users of your website are unlikely to return to your site if they have trouble viewing it…

How To Use Photography In Web Design

Many individuals tend to underestimate the importance of picking the right photography when designing another site. The content of your site isn’t merely restricted to words – individuals are visual creatures, and photography plays a crucial part in creating an excellent affair for your guests. The following are a few things to consider when choosing…

7 Tips for Shooting the Perfect Kickstarter Video

We live in an exceptionally visual society. Some time before the Internet or TVs, individuals got their information through the composed or talked word by means of daily papers and radio. When TV turned into the consumer’s decision for content delivery, sponsors were clamoring to run plugs to get their items known. In 50 years,…

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