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How to Protect Your Ecommerce Website From Malware

When it comes to ecommerce, protecting a website from malware is as important as growing the business itself. Unfortunately, ecommerce websites are at the front of the queue regarding cyberattacks. It is particularly disturbing to note that 50% of these malware attacks are aimed at small businesses. Cybersecurity risks are on the rise as we…

Learn How Content Marketing Can Grow Your Business

If you take a look around, you will notice that we live in a customer-centric world. In other words, everything revolves around customers and their needs.    Well, if you want to expand your business and attract as many clients as possible, content marketing may be the way to go. After all, content marketing statistics…

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

The Numbers Behind the Vast Global IT Economy

Technological revolution and the emergence of the internet have irreversibly changed the way we live our lives, work, communicate, and go about our personal relationships. Understanding the vast size and importance of the IT economy is often quite difficult and true data is hard to find. Global IT spending has reached $4.8 trillion in 2018….

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