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4 Tips To Ensure Your Website Design & SEO Is Done Right

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4 Tips To Ensure Your Website Design & SEO Is Done RightCreating a most interactive website that shows up in every search is more tricky than you ever think. Therefore, driving traffic to your site is all about balancing various key elements.

The two inseparable factors that work for the above points are website design and search engine optimization (SEO).

Companies that have separate marketing and design departments are facing a hard time to achieve this.

So, include marketing strategies before completing your project, this will help your website to gain higher ranking in search results.

You must keep SEO in mind from the beginning of your project and then launch your website.

If you have worked with web design companies, then you might have seen SEO or SEO experts who are not web designers.

For instance, it’s fine but the most important thing is to know how both works when together.

How does SEO work?

Search engines like Google and Bing use bots for crawling pages on your web from one site to another site by collecting information and indexing Pages.

Then, Google algorithms will start analyzing the pages in the index, note various ranking factors to determine how every page must appear in the order of search results when the user enters a query.

Search ranking factors are known as proxies that determine the user experience. The importance of SEO is related to content quality and keyword research, which is responsible for content optimization, crawling, and mobile-friendliness in website architecture.

The search algorithms are based on the relevant, authoritative pages that provide an efficient search experience for its users.

Optimize your website and content with the below factors to rank your pages higher in the search results.

You can’t pay for search engines to get high organic search rankings as you do with paid search ads.

Here are 4 important factors to keep in mind.

1. Understand usability

Search engines exist to give the most relevant results for users when they perform a search.  This happy experience makes the users return for future searches on the platform.

It also helps advertisers to generate advertising revenue in their platform and the search engine companies get benefited using it.

This means that if you offer a great user experience to the user when they visit your site, this helps to boost your search engine’s credibility.  Google rewards every website that offers a great user experience.

Hence it is one of the important tips to ensure website design and SEO that makes users stay on your site.

Which makes it easy for users to use your site and share it.  These are the key user experience factors or UX.

2. Content discoverability

This point says how search engines will find content on the website. These sites essentially need the links to connect them.

This means if you failed to link your content properly, then it affects the discoverability of search engine bots.  And this means that your website will not rank at all.

From the viewpoint of design, creating a site easy for users to understand the architecture, makes it easier to get one content from another by encouraging others to do so.

The best services or product categories are important with subcategories and essential products or services pages.

3. High-quality content

After having a good structure for your website and search engines, then make sure to offer high-quality content which helps to rank your site in top search results.

This means that to plan the content in advance and ensure it is SEO-steady and well written with relevant information that your audience needs.

Questions to ensure every content include:

  • What purpose does this content serve?
  • What would users want to know about this topic?
  • Does it convey the company’s message?

These questions will help you to ensure high quality, relevant, and useful content for the user to rank your website in search engines.

4. Redesign & SEO 

If you have the website already and want to redesign it, then it’s crucial to watch the practices of SEO.

It’s easy to concentrate on every element of design and redesign without watching aspects of SEO that quickly gives a negative impact on the site’s ranking.

Crawl your website before you start redesigning the pages and current rankings.  Are there any outdated pages? Do you need them to get redirected? What are the high ranking keywords on your website?

Consider everything to ensure that the site continues to have a strong SEO profile and this helps to rank continuously once you’re done with the redesign process.

If you are planning to change the URL structure, then it’s ideal to have a redirect map before making your new site live.

Most of the companies are unaware of the designs that influence SEO. They’ll spend more time creating content which attracts links and social shares.

But it’s important to ensure that their content is readable on mobile, but companies bury their pages deep into site architecture and they miss out getting indexed.

Be aware that by linking design and SEO together will help your site to rank for every terms and themes relevant to your business.

Wrapping up

SEO can be extremely complex in the beginning, if you know the basics it will give you a better start.

Begin to collect data and conduct a complete research. Write every content geared up for your audience, make sure it’s better than competitors.

Make sure your website offers better user experience in both desktop and mobile and you have optimized backlinks.

Ensure to optimize your site for better conversions and it helps to drive good traffic.

Focus on providing better user experience and this is possible with analysing user behavior reports. Moreover, in the meantime, you will get traffic and higher rank of your site in search results.

Even continue to work with older content which has all your hardworks. If you are providing solid high quality content, you’ll attract traffic continuously and rank your pages high in the top search results.

Thanks for reading, cheers!

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Sajitha is a skilled Content Writer at ZuanTechnologies. She holds her Masters in English and has a keen interest in discovering new ways to reach more clients through her Content. She also has expertise in thesis writing and a zealous Self-published author of fiction.4 Tips To Ensure Your Website Design & SEO Is Done Right2

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