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10 Reasons: Why Magento Is Better Than Other eCommerce Platforms

Nowadays, no matter whichever business category you belong to, e-commerce is a necessary requisite. Every kind of online business owner would like to have a sophisticated e-commerce package, which will be the perfect blend of flexibility, scalability and even extensibility. If you ever dream of developing the best ever and perfect e-commerce website with finest features and even a mobile friendly theme, then you better check out for the best name in the market. There are countless options available and you have to head for the best framework. Well, Magento can be one of the best eCommerce Platforms to take help from!

Why Magento though?

With so many platforms already existing, why on Earth do you have to rely on Magento as your e-commerce platform? With over a million of download already and multiple features, this platform is always the right choice to make. Are you still confused and not sure? To help you in this regard, there are some points to prove why Magento is better than most of the e-commerce platforms available lately.

An open source and free option for you:

Now, the time has come to power your business with the most scalable and powerful e-commerce platform, and that source has a name; Magento. There are so many other platforms available in the market, namely OpenCart, OsCommerce, Zen Cart and even WordPress. Among the lot, Magento is regarded as a promising and SEO friendly platform with its rich features and unrivaled flexibility towards users. Through this platform, users are able to manage looks, content and even functions of their e-commerce store. This e-commerce platform will further offer solutions with promising blend of scalable design and wide ranging supportive network. Some of the noteworthy versions to it are:

●Magento community Edition
●Enterprise edition
●Magento Go

1.Easy integration:

Even though CMS platforms have core functions, but not all are associated with the system in question. They are in need of apps or some plugins to help platform work easier. Magento is associated with online shopping source well integrated with some of the apps and some ready-made plugins from some other developers. The APIs are extensible to connect with various apps like tracking, shipping, analytics and much more.

2.Suitable for e-commerce:

Unlike other CMS platforms, Magento is solely created for e-commerce platforms. Some common features incorporated are inventory management, user dashboards, advanced shipping, supplier management, built-in cross-sells and CMS options, to name a few. It is easy to work with and user-friendly.

3.Customized variations available:

Each industry has a specific need of CMS platform and might use it differently. Magento helps in providing its users with flexibility to customize the platform, as per industrial needs. As it is open source, therefore, it is way more customizable and modular when compared to other options in the market. It has robust form of back end service for efficient practices. This is one of the major reasons for Magento’s success and its impeccable growth among users, even now!

4.Meant for SEO use:

Other than hosting all information, Magento aids websites to show up in search engines. You have the right to configure your platform to offer product descriptions, metadata and even sitemaps for some selected search engines like Google. The source code comes with information to make transition easy and seamless.

5.Some main features to consider:

Before you head for Magento, you better check out some of its amazing features first. Other than being the perfect open source platform, it has never ending list of better extensions. It has simplified dashboard for easier admin and can be made SEO friendly. It further offers increasingly customer based shopping experience.

6.Easy shopping cart:

If the shopping cart is complex, there are high chances of you missing out on your potential customers. Keeping this point in mind, Magento offers a simplified version of shopping cart, which can be easily upgraded as pet the latest changes in the market. It is user friendly and well located.

7.Efficiency at its best:

You cannot afford a website loading slowly. Users are in need of instant gratification and that’s why Magento is your solution. It helps in collecting all data instantly, keeping your business right at the top of the list. It enables cache data, retrieves it in no time and even offers tools to help you succeed in e-commerce arena.

8. Also quite mobile friendly:

Mobiles are here to stay for good! It is the easiest way to check on anything you want, even while on the go. Your online shopping website needs to be mobile friendly to invite bulk customers towards your business. For that, Magento seems to be pretty amazing option. It is packed with mobile based technology and provides users with the basic drag drop opportunity, perfect audiovisuals and even control on screen size.

9.Various websites with same backend:

Most of the tie, e-commerce websites will have a single site for each setup. Well, this is not the case with Magento shopping platform. It helps users to create independent websites for products, which will help running into multiple websites without different backend solutions. Furthermore, it provides different look and also feel to each one of the websites for enticing customers depending on needs.

10.Themes are often customized:

The basic and old themes won’t help you to attract maximum human traffic towards your site. You need unique themes, which will scream your business well. For that, Magento is the name to be. It is a perfect platform to help you build customized themes to match your basic requirements well. It is one of the major magento web development services you better consider.

Now you know its importance:

The top 10 points are enough to mention the value of Magento from its core and the reasons behind its undying popularity among e-commerce business owners. Well, if you ever search the internet, you will come across plenty more features, making Magento the king of all e-commerce platforms even now! It keeps on upgrading to new versions, just to be in this game for long.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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