10 Free & Premium Magento 2 Blog Extensions For E-Commerce

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Shanaya Gaba works as a certified Magento Developer at MageIndia. She is also an avid blogger and shares her insights and experiences on some of the best tech blogs in the industry.

E-commerce business is very different from a traditional brick-and-mortar selling. An online store is all you have to showcase your products and convince the customers to buy them. So there is a need to go an extra mile to improve the shopping experience and make the store more attractive for the potential buyers who visit your store. Having a blog on it is an effective way to engage the potential buyers by offering them compelling blog posts related to the products and services that you offer. Moreover, it improves your chances of getting higher search rankings so that you are able to get more traffic to the website. If you are running a Magento 2 store, there are several extensions that the platform offers for the purpose of integrating a blog into the store. Let us check 10 free and premium Magento 2 blog extensions from different providers that can be used for adding the blog functionality to e-commerce stores.

1. Mageplaza

Blog in Magento 2 extension by Mageplaza is a free extension that enables the store admin to create numerous posts for capturing the attention of the shoppers with informative posts. It is SEO-friendly, responsive, and supports multiple stores. It can be integrated into the backend so that the store, as well as the blog, can be managed from one place. The posts on the blog can have flexible attributes while it enables the visitors to comment on different engines, including Facebook or Disqus.

Price: Free

2. Aheadworks

Aheadworks Magento 2 Blog extension enables the store to connect and communicate with customers. It brings a range of options and tools that are helpful for writing and designing the blog. A Disqus integration enables the admin to manage the comments. There are multiple options such as categories, tags, and sidebar blocks to enable effective navigation of content. The SEO-friendly URLs available with the extension are easy to practice.

Price: $ 349

3. Amasty

Amasty is another trusted name that offers a high-quality Magento 2 Blog extension for online merchants who have their stores on this platform. It empowers the seller to create a visually appealing layout as well as provide useful information on the blog. The extension is both user-friendly and SEO-friendly and offers responsive layout designs for the blog. It can enable sharing on different social networks as well.

Price: $ 299 (Community Edition)/ $ 599 (Enterprise Edition)

4. Webkul

The Blog extension by Webkul enables the admin to manage the store’s blog by giving permissions to the customers to add, delete, or edit posts on the blog. It also allows the visitors to post their comments on the blog so that the business is able to forge strong bonds with them. The extension provides open codes which can be used for the customization of the blog easily.

Price: $ 99

5. Landofcoder

Next on the list is a product by Landofcoder, which serves as an effective blog creation and management tool for Magento 2 e-commerce stores. It offers a wide range of features such as flexible layouts, sharing capability across different social networks, and integration with WordPress. The extension supports multiple languages, Tag cloud, and Related Posts.

Price: $ 68

6. Cmsmart

The Blog Magento 2 Extension from Cmsmart is a highly useful product that helps the admin to create a blog with unlimited posts, customize it, and manage comments on the posts. It also allows social sharing, navigation of posts via Tags, and display the search or related post recently. This extension offers a responsive layout and supports multi-store websites.

Price: $ 85.36

7. Magefan

A free extension by Magefan, this product is suitable for connecting with the customers and building lasting relations with them. It can be used for generating the posts with the best writing and categories as well as enhancing the Related Posts and Products. It allows customers to comment on the post pages and social media. Moreover, it offers SEO-friendly URLs to extend the blog’s reach.

Price: Free

8. Pixlogix

Featuring next on the list of 10 best free and premium blog extensions for Magento 2 is the one by Pixlogix. It offers extensive customization abilities, with a number of page layouts and a flexible sidebar that give the options to enable/disable blocks. It facilitates the management of posts as well as control the user’s ability to comment and share the posts publically. With this extension, it is possible to generate and view the options before posting. Furthermore, customers can send email to admin to notify about the comments.

Price: $ 59

9. Fishpig

Magento 2 Blog extension by Fishpig allows the integration of the blog with WordPress that makes blog posting and management much easier. Besides being free of cost, it is easy to install and upgrade. It allows automatic login to WordPress and also provides access to the popular WordPress plugins. Moreover, it is helpful for enhancing the related blogs and products.

Price: Free

10. Mirasvit

Another free extension that can be used for the purpose of integrating a blog into a Magento 2 store is the Blog extension by Mirasvit. It provides the best way to catch the attention of the visitors by leveraging blog posts, images, and videos. It empowers the admin to decide whether a particular post will be visible on the store’s blog or not. It offers SEO friendly- URLs and supports multiple categories of the store’s structure as well.

Price: Free

This is a complete list of the best available options for adding a blog to your Magento 2 store. While some of them come free of cost, there are others for which you may have to spend a considerable amount. The choice amongst these extensions should be based on your requirements in terms of feature set and the budget you can allocate for this purpose. A blog on your online store can change its fate completely by fetching more traffic and boosting conversions. So this is one investment that you should make happily as the returns that it may bring are immense.

Shanaya Gaba works as a certified Magento Developer at MageIndia. She is also an avid blogger and shares her insights and experiences on some of the best tech blogs in the industry.

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